Children’s Museum to Open in Milan

| Thu, 01/23/2014 - 01:15

The MUBA, Milan’s permanent Children’s Museum (Museo dei Bambini), is slated to open Friday at the Rotonda di via Besana, a late Baroque building complex located near the city center.

The permanent space will be inaugurated with “Boxes,” an exhibition game to explore the world of books and creativity.

With interactive exhibits, workshops, game installations and more, the MUBA intends to foster and encourage creative thinking in children, to make it free from stereotypes, in order to prepare them for a world that requires an ever more creative and responsible attitude.

Since 1997, before becoming a permanent space, MUBA has designed and produced 13 major interactive exhibits and numerous laboratory activities; it has created educational projects in more than 50 cities in Italy and Europe, with nearly 800,000 children involved. Now, its permanent home is planning to organize at least three exhibitions a year, probably in conjunction with major events taking place in Milan, such as Bookcity.

In addition to individual initiatives, the MUBA aims to become a new leisure center and meeting place for families and children, to be enjoyed both in the winter months, thanks to its spacious interiors, and during summer, in the garden of the museum.

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