How You Can Still Feel Close to Italy

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 01:00
Milan's empty Piazza del Duomo

Yes, travel has had to come to a halt in an effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak (to focus on the silver lining, let’s not forget how good this is for the environment), but you can still travel virtually to Italy and feel close to the Bel Paese, dream of your next adventure here, enjoy Italian recipes, read a good Italy-inspired book, dream of even buying a house in Italy (why not?!), all through our Italy Magazine website.

Here’s what you can do: 

Browse our rich archives of travel articles! 

Below are a few series we love:

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Consider these travel experiences for your next trip which can help you immerse yourself deeper into the culture of Italy:

You can choose among Italian language schools, organized guided tours, cooking classes, food and wine experiences, and more. 

Cook Italian food! Those of you who enjoy cooking can try new recipes, those of you who have always wanted to put more effort into it, but could never find the time, now’s the time! There’s plenty to choose from in our Recipes section, from antipasti to primi to desserts, even drinks.

Ready for that cooking class experience you’ve kept putting off? Check out these cooking schools in Italy.

More time at home, more time to read! We love all the books available in the Italy Magazine shop, from tips on how to find true artisanal’s gems when you travel in Italy from walking and hiking guidebooks, from photography books about Venice to fiction set in Renaissance Venice, and books that help you learn Italian. See them all here

Speaking of which, are you familiar with our Learn Italian section? It is rich with great ways to learn and practice your Italian.

Here’s what you can choose from: 

We have Dual Language articles, where you can read in English and Italian, and listed to the audio version of the Italian text, great for practicing your pronunciation! 

For those who want to pick up Italian language tips, head here.

Are you a beginner learner? Check our dedicated section.

Italian phrases are collected here

If you dream of owning a house in Italy, start browsing here!

And if you'd like to read about the experiences of people who did manage to buy a property in Italy, click here