From Invisible To Invincible at 50: How I Created My Own Style Renaissance (And How You Can Too)

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by: Elinor Salter

When I was in my mid-forties, my life suddenly changed. We had recently come back from living in Italy and I was adapting to a less carefree life, but enjoying settling back into England and being closer to my family.  I became involved with my son’s school life, made lots of friends I lunched and shopped with, and spent my days riding, gardening, looking after the house and family, and just generally being at home. Then suddenly my husband was made redundant and nothing would be the same again.

I had to quickly find a job to put food on the table and pay the bills. I was a trained PA with a diploma in business management and had worked for Company Directors for most of my working life, but I hadn’t worked in the capacity for 9 or so years.  In that time as well, technology had moved on to an amazing degree. It is hard to imagine now, but I didn’t have a clue how to use Microsoft, how to manage emails, how to use electronic diaries - the list is endless.

But, I did have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I could speak another language.  I had lived and set up a business in another country.  I had travelled, sat on committees of all types, organised balls, charity events, run teams, cared for people, raised a son, managed a household, run a yard full of horses, mixed with people from all walks of life.  But, that wasn’t enough.  I was in my forties, I had had the temerity of not working to bring up my child.  I had the even worse temerity to actually LEAVE the Country I was born in to go somewhere else. I was insignificant, irrelevant, invisible. Too old for most jobs (although they couldn’t admit that), too “overqualified” or not enough experience. I was a dinosaur in the company of spring lambs.

So, gradually, I moulded myself to fit in. I made out I was younger. I spent hours teaching myself to excel at everything in the digital sphere. I toned down my personality so I wouldn’t appear opinionated. I wore clothes that fitted with other people’s view of me. I became a “yes girl”, agreeing with everyone else. I watched from the sidelines, afraid to engage for fear of rejection.

Eventually, I got a job working for a large corporation. Everyone was much younger than me and they treated me with disdain and little respect. My manager was little more than a child and I was the one who had to always work the lunch hours, the one who got the worst deal, the one who was accused of “putting myself forward” if I showed any of my personality. It was exhausting! There were misunderstandings and the office culture was a bit toxic and ageist. I just didn’t have the confidence to be that person who fought for their rights. I didn’t know how or even want, to show up as that better version of myself because I had been marginalised for so long.

I gradually lost all my self-confidence and self-respect. I was caught in the trap of not being able to rock the boat because I desperately needed the money and because I needed the money, not feeling worthy enough to stand up for myself.

by: Elinor Salter
Photo by: Emily Forgione 

I felt as though someone had stolen my life!  I shouldn’t have been working this hard, or being treated this way when I was approaching my 50’s! This wasn’t where I had envisaged I would be. This wasn’t who I thought I would be.  I didn’t like who I had become and I certainly didn’t recognise her.

I used to be gregarious, creative, fun-loving, upbeat, caring, hard-working, and optimistic. Now the only thing left was the hard work!

It was a cycle of negativity, where I had no self-confidence, I wasn’t doing what I wanted or being who I really was.  I needed to go back and find that person and gain clarity about who I really was and how I could be her.

As the new decade approached I knew I had to change things. I couldn’t spend another 10 years like this. So, I asked myself the question - when did I truly feel like “this is me”?  The answer came very quickly and it was when I was in Italy.  I remembered someone asking me why I loved Italy so much and me answering “because I like who I am when I am there”! What a lightbulb moment!  

I loved the times I had taken people on personal shopping trips to Rome, Tarquinia and Milan and styling clients whilst in the boutiques there.  I loved being surrounded by and playing with clothes, textures, artists and designers and being surrounded by inspirational Italian women who rocked midlife - fashion, mindset, lifestyle, creativity- they nailed it.

by: Elinor Salter
Shopping in Italy. Photo by antinea boutique 

I embarked on my own Style Renaissance, slowly making choices about what I wanted to wear, where I wanted to work, how I wanted to spend my day…..a re-birth of myself, of my identity and of what I wanted my life to look like from now on, always keeping Italy at the forefront of my mind and how I felt whilst I was there.

Photo of Elinor 

I am now 56, with a business I’m passionate about, meeting incredible people who inspire and respect me. I feel happier, I feel seen and I feel like me. And I want you to feel this way too.


1.    Inspiration - Find 3 women (artists, designers, musicians, politicians, etc) whose style you LOVE and save them on your laptop as your ‘Style Vision Board’

2.    Community - Join a women’s group that focuses on midlife topics to connect with like-minded peers and start adding your voice and your opinions to the conversation.

3.    Reflection - Think back to when you were most confident, or at your most content? Where were you, how did you feel and why do you think you felt this way? 

4.    Strength - Adjusting your body posture is the quickest way to generate strength and project confidence. Next time you arrive at work, hold your head high, smile and stand strong. You have years of experience to share and you deserve to be heard. Remember - You are enough.

5.    What have you ALWAYS wanted to be able to wear?  A hat maybe, or a vivid colour?  Try it!  Wear it around the house to start with, then be braver and wear it out!  Have fun with it and be proud of who you are.

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