Italian Chef Massimo Bottura Awarded "Nobel" of Gastronomy

| Fri, 02/14/2014 - 07:56

Massimo Bottura, undoubtetly Italy's most famous current chef, has just added one more award to his already long list of accolades.

The owner of 3-Michelin star "Osteria Francescana" in Modena, will be awarded the "White Guide Global Gastronomy Award 2014".

This relatively young but prestigious award is given to chefs that inspire others and it is already referred to as the "Nobel prize" of gastronomy. Past reciepients include Ferran Adrià, Alain Passard, David Chang and Gastòn Acurio.

The reasoning for the award from the White Guide commitee is as follows: "For continuously reinventing one of the world’s most beloved cuisines – the Italian – and elevating it to new amplitudes for senses and minds to explore and enjoy. In constant dialogue with a rich but conservative tradition, Massimo Bottura has developed a dazzling culinary artistry, covering a broad range of expressions from the seemingly simplistic to the intellectually complex. Re-engineering what a meal could and should be all about – bridging history with future, North with South, technology with legend and culture with environment, all with an artist’s sensitivity and passion – he has been a major force in evolving the gastronomy of Italy from a standstill backwater to the bubbling melting pot of great traditions and talented innovation it is today."

The award ceremony in Stockholm will take place on the 3rd of March.

Bottura's restaurant is also N.3 in the list of 50 Best Restaurants in the World and the first Italian restaurant in the list. Watch the maestro at work here: