More Bad Weather Forecast as Italy Struggles with Floods and Snow

| Mon, 02/03/2014 - 04:43

Violent storms keep raging over Italy, causing landslides, flooding and widespread havoc.

The crisis unit is at work in Rome after strong winds and rains brought traffic to a halt and raised the alert on the Tiber river water levels. The situation was particularly severe at Prima Porta, where an overflown stream forced some people to seek refuge on rooftops.

Together with Lazio, Tuscany has been one of the most affected regions. In Volterra, a stretch of medieval walls fell, and 11 families were evacuated. In Pisa, schools were closed as a precaution and main access roads to the city were closed. An alarm state was also issued in Florence and Prato, where some streams overflowed. In Florence and Pisa, the water levels of the Arno river are causing fear. Among the hardest hit areas is also Maremma.

In Venice, tide has exceeded 110 cm for four consecutive days. In the northern part of Veneto, the Protezione Civile (Civil Protection agency) is at work to restore power lines damaged by the bad weather.

The risk of snow avalanches in Trentino is high. Mountain passes were closed after more than two meters of snow fell.

The state of maximum alert will continue in the next hours.