Supporting Venice by Rediscovering its Soul: Anima Veneziana Film

| Tue, 07/28/2020 - 05:49
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There are few people as exuberantly in-tuned with the city of Venice as local Monica Cesarato. She is a tour guide and blogger giving visitors an in-depth lesson on La Serenissima but the coronavirus pandemic wiped out a year's worth a work in a matter of weeks. Instead of focusing solely on her own plight, Monica tirelessly is out there shouting from the rooftops about how important is to support artisans and small businesses to keep Venice's true "anima" or soul alive.

We once lamented over-tourism as Italy's biggest problem and articles often picture a depressing reality that makes it feel as if nothing will ever be as before. Now the discourse has changed to a smarter, healthier way of co-existing and supporting one another that is something that really needs to happen. I strongly believe to appreciate a place it means appreciating the people that make it special, ensuring they are able to work, live and just be in a decent way. Monica asked me if I would help her promote a new crowdfunding project aiming at creating a film called "Anima Veneziana"  -  essentially a gift to the city of Venice, made by those who love it. Monica was kind enough to fill us in on why this project matters to her (as it should to you) below. 

Monica Cesarato

When people ask me what I did during lockdown, I smile!
What did I not do? -  I reply!

Along with starting a Youtube channel gathering lots of interviews I also embarked in my most ambitious project yet: to produce a film about Venice and the Venetians!

You probably wonder why. Well, because here in Venice we are totally fed up of seeing videos of our beautiful city depicted always on the brink of death, struggling with over-tourism or empty after lockdown.

Together with a group of Venetians, we decided to show to the world the real Venice: a city made of people, a city which would not exist if it were not for the resilience of its inhabitants, who for hundreds of years, have fought with their nails and teeth to keep its traditions and uniqueness alive.

And that is how Anima Veneziana was born!

The desire to make known to the world the people who make Venice such a unique city.

Anima Veneziana will be a short film telling the story of a bright, pulsating and vibrant city, made by real people who offer their arts, their talent and their passion as an antidote to death that many are always ready to announce. Not a city seen by drones, not only iconic places.

Anima Veneziana will be produced in two versions: a shorter one which will be loaded on Youtube for everyone to see and use and a longer version to be presented at National and International Film Festivals!

Anima veneziana

To achieve this we started a crowdfunding, which was entrusted in transparency to ABCOnlus Cultural Association, which is supporting the project and will allow the creation of the film Anima Veneziana.

The Crowdfunding has been divided into 4 stages. The reaching of each stage allows the achievement of the prefixed goal.

We will carry on raising money until our target is reached.

Everyone can help us achieve this beautiful project!

Venetians are coming together giving us their total support, either offering their locations for filming, or offering their goods and services to be offered in exchange for the crowdfunding, or even just helping us promoting it.

anima veneziana

This is the time to change the way Venice is perceived all over the world and we need your help to do that!

Here is where you can donate!