Verona Celebrates Love in Style with Four-Day Event

| Wed, 02/12/2014 - 06:40

What better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in the hometown of literature’s most famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet? 

Plus, Valentine’s Day in Verona is not just on the 14th - the 10th edition of “Verona in Love” begins tomorrow and continues until Sunday.

The event features the famous street market in the shape of a heart in Piazza dei Signori; “Loggiato in Love,” a tasting of typical products from the Verona area; “Live in Love,” a series of live concerts; the “Premio Internazionale Cara Giulietta 2014,” the awards ceremony that honors the most beautiful love letters addressed to Juliet, written from all over the world; “Il Messaggio del Cuore – I love you and I’ll write it,” a collection of messages of love left on display for everyone to see; and the very popular “Heart of Kisses” where couples have the chance to enter the famous "Heart" to seal their love with a one-minute kiss, followed by “puffs of love” that will envelop the square in colored confetti.

During the event, visitors can tour Shakespeare’s places and the Torre dei Lamberti at discounted prices; they can also take part in the "Verona Walking Tour in Love," through the streets of the historic center, as well as in "Love Hunting," a treasure hunt for couples. On Valentine's Day, entrance to the House of Juliet is free.

All of this will be accompanied by the special atmosphere created by the choreography and the big red hearts scattered through town.

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