Villa in Amalfi

Wed, 11/26/2008 - 11:09
Words by Carla Passino

The grand Villa Antares, in Vettica, near Amalfi, makes the most of the sea views with large sliding windows, terraces and lush Mediterranean gardens

The road twists and turns, narrow and sinuous atop gigantic cliffs that drop sheer into the sea. On one side, cerulean waters dotted with white fishing boats fill the horizon. On the other, a jumble of pretty whitewashed houses, crenellated towers and ancient churches climb up steep, jagged mountains. It’s the Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful and exclusive stretches of Italy.
Halfway down the coastline, in the fishing village of Vettica, just a stone’s throw from Amalfi’s ninth-century Duomo and mosaic-encrusted cloister, Italian Property Sales & Restorations are selling an extraordinary villa which (nearly) rivals with the panorama.
Arranged across two levels, Villa Antares combines sharp Italian design with views to die for. The ground floor is taken up by a cocktail bar, a professionally equipped kitchen, three ensuite bedrooms (two of which are external) and a large living room with sliding windows that open onto the coastline and the sea below. On the first floor, there are four ensuite bedrooms, including one with a spa bath. The interiors are decorated with the clean lines of Modern furniture.
Outside, it is a triumph of Mediterranean gardens, barely broken up by an organic produce garden, and a number of terraces which are suitable for alfresco dining and relaxation. One of the terraces has a gazebo and another a hot tub.
The house is as private as it gets—perched on the cliffs, it can be reached by descending 150 steps from the coast road or via a path that is only suitable for a small compact car. It also has private access to the sea, platforms and a small private jetty.
Predictably, the price matches all this privacy and magnificence—Villa Antares is on the market for €9.3m.
Before you faint though, Italian Property Sales & Restorations also have a few, more affordable properties along the Amalfi coastline. They may not match Villa Antares’ splendour, but their budget-friendly prices range from €420,000 to €980,000.
“Amalfi's dramatic landscape, with its tightly packed towns clinging to the cliffs, limits new building and makes existing properties very desirable—and less vulnerable to any downward pressure on prices,” says Jason Jones of Italian Property Sales & Restorations.
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