Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Naples

| Thu, 08/10/2017 - 04:00
Neapolitan pizza

The following six pizzerias are not only the best in Naples, they’re the best in Italy, according to the 2017 Michelin guide, the ‘Bible’ of all food guides. None of them has yet received a star (to this day, no pizzeria in Italy has received the coveted Michelin star); what the guides uses instead is the ‘piatto’ (dish) symbol, assigned to those dining establishments that offer a good meal with quality products.

Not a problem, when it comes to these pizzerias, we’ll take the dish over the star just fine.

The best pizzerias in Naples

Sorbillo – helmed by pizza chefs and brothers Gino and Antonio Sorbillo (Antonio won the World Pizza Championships in 2016), Sorbillo offers a wide selection of inventive pizzas made with lievito madre. The historic location is in the heart of Naples, on via dei Tribunali, but there are other locations around and outside Naples as well.

Da Michelethis pizza venue, opened since 1870, is so popular that owners have to distribute numbers outside to regulate the flow of patrons. There are only two flavors on offer, margherita and marinara. Near Corso Umberto I.

50 Kalò – the Michelin guide describes 50 Kalò as “trendy,” and explains that the name means, “fine dough” (the dough is the secret to good pizza). It is owned by third-generation pizzaiolo Ciro Salvo. On Piazza Sannazaro.

La Notiziatwo venues on the same street, both owned by pizza master Enzo Coccia. At number 53 on Via Caravaggio, you can try all the pizzas of the Neapolitan tradition; at number 94, it’s all about experimentation, with gourmet pizzas featuring unusual ingredients such as figs, fresh baccalà (salted codfish), lemons, or truffles.

Da Concettina ai Tre Santi - in the heart of the historic and lively Sanità district, you’ll find this family-owned pizzeria (of the Oliva family), which, for more than 60 years, has been making traditional and creative pizzas. Its most famous specialty is the pizza fritta (fried pizza).

Starita - One of the oldest pizzerias in Naples, Starita has been owned and operated by the same family for 110 years and four generations. It continues to be successful thanks to the high quality of its pizzas, including the fried version. On Via Materdei.