Woman Buys Full-Page Obituary for Dead Cat in Leading Italian Newspaper

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 06:02

An artist in Milan has decided to mourn her dead pet by dedicating a full-page ad in Corriere della Sera to her beloved cat.

77-year-old Luciana Matalon wrote a poem to her recently departed cat and paid to have it published in one of Italy’s leading newspapers.

The gesture was meant to show her “catitude” (a feline-version of gratitude) towards her 15 year old cat, Sky.

The artist explained that Sky had helped fill an emptiness left by the death of her husband several years before.

The poem written by Ms. Matalon details the silence of the universe now that her Sky has been taken away.

The poem concludes:
“I will be with you soon
and we will not ever be apart again.”

The amount paid for the ad was not disclosed, but Luciana Matalon told reporters: "My profound feelings are beyond financial measure."

Her original plan was to have Sky’s remains transported via helicopter to her home in Sardinia, but she was forced to settle for the ad after encountering unnamed obstacles.