700 Sheep Graze in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo

Mon, 10/03/2011 - 03:18

Often described as one of Italy’s most sophisticated and industrialized cities, this weekend Milan was overrun by farm animals.

On Saturday, 700 sheep wandered around Milan’s famed Piazza del Duomo. The flock grazed at the feet of the Vittorio Emmanuale II statue as surprised crowds gathered to watch the barnyard creatures in the centre of the city.

The sheep were corralled downtown for the filming of a documentary called L’Ultimo Pastore, or ‘The Last Shepherd’. The film will tell the story of Renato Zucchelli, one of the last nomadic shepherds who summers in the Alps and spends the winter with his flock in Bergamo.

The film by Marco Bonfanti will follow Zucchelli as he moves his flocks through the houses, streets and parks of industrial Milan.

The scene delighted children and adults alike, who paused to watch ponies and sheepdogs herd the 700 animals around one of Milan’s more picturesque city squares.

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