An Art Installation at Malpensa Airport, Only for VIPs

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 09:23

Only VIPs are allowed to pass the time more interestingly while waiting to catch their flights at Milan’s Malpensa airport.

A contemporary art installation was inaugurated within the VIP lounge area of the terminal.

The initiative launches the Sea e Maga per l’arte project (Sea and Maga for the arts), a collaboration between the company that manages the Malpensa airport (SEA) and the Maga museum.

"The airport is not just a place of transit, landings and take-offs, but also the crossroads of emotions related to the experience of travel,” Pietro Modiano, president of SEA, explained. “A magical place that welcomes the dreams, hopes and memories of every traveler. It is precisely because of its ability to unleash deep feelings that the airport is an ideal space to give voice to the art in its myriad forms.”

Every traveler that has access to the VIP area, it should be noted.

The current installation, on view until March 30, presents the work of Varese-based artist Vittore Frattini.