Royal Villa in Monza Opens to the Public

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 05:28

The historic Royal Villa in Monza is opening to the public after a long restoration project.

Built for the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by Giuseppe Piermarini between 1777 and 1780, when Lombardy was part of the Austrian Empire, the complex features a Royal Chapel, a horse-shed (Cavallerizza), a small theater, several grand salons and halls, and the Royal Apartments of King Humbert I of Italy and of Queen Margherita of Savoy. It was the Savoy residence from 1859; it was abandoned by the royal family in 1900, after the murder of King Humbert I. In front of the palace are the Royal Gardens.

Visitors of the villa can now admire the grand staircase, the first and second floors with the dance hall and the sumptuous guest apartments where illustrious people, such as the prince of Naples, the duchess of Genoa and the emperors of Germany, stayed.

The villa, which lies on the banks of the Lambro river and is surrounded by a big park, will also host temporary exhibitions.

To celebrate the reopening, the Royal Villa of Monza will be open to the public for free until September 18. It will then reopen September 20-28 as part of the “Ville Aperte” (Open Villas) event, and will be permanently open from October 1.