Venice's Carnival Adopts Food Theme in Nod to Milan Expo 2015

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 03:00

The theme of next year’s Venice Carnival will be “gluttony”, to honor Milan’s food-themed Expo 2015, it was recently announced.

The motto of the Carnevale, which is scheduled to run January 31 to February 17, 2015, is “La festa piu' golosa del mondo,” which can be translated as “the most gluttonous party in the world.”

Davide Rampello, the festival's artistic director since 2010, said the tie between food and Carnival is “natural, because it is the festival of recklessness and of the pleasure of food.”

The Carnevale will feature gastronomically themed parties, performances, shows and open air festivities. The great theatre set up in St. Mark's Square will be decorated in garlands of vegetables and other culinary fare. In the Arsenale, in the former shipyards of Venice, the scenography will tell the story of the relationship between the city and food, of its merchants and it great banquets, of the discovery of exotic flavors in the East and their spread from Venice throughout the continent, when Venice dominated the European trade.

Food will also dominate the traditional Festa Veneziana, a parade of decorated boats departing from the banks of the Cannaregio district, with traditional Venetian dishes served.