Hello Everyone!This is my first time posting. I am

08/12/2023 - 16:23

Hello Everyone! 

This is my first time posting.  I am in the process of obtaining my Italian citizenship.  I have already purchased a home in Riace Marina where I plan to relocate upon getting my citizenship and retiring.  Can I purchase a car in Italy prior to obtaining an Italian Driver's License?

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Yes , no problem to buy a car without Driving Licence , and even purchase car insurance - BUT , is necessary Residence in Italy , ISSUED !

Congratulations on your pursuit of Italian citizenship and your plans for relocating to Riace Marina! As for purchasing a car in Italy prior to obtaining an Italian driver's license, there are a few things you should consider:

Ownership: As a legal resident of Italy, you are generally allowed to purchase a car in the country, regardless of your citizenship status. However, the car will be registered in your name, and you will need to provide appropriate identification and documents.

Driver's License: In Italy, you typically need a valid driver's license to legally operate a car. 

  1. If you plan to drive the car before obtaining an Italian driver's license, you should be aware of the following:

    • International Driving Permit (IDP): If you have a valid driver's license from your home country, you can obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) in your home country. An IDP is a translation of your driver's license and is generally accepted in Italy for a limited period, usually up to one year. It's important to note that an IDP is not a standalone document and must be presented alongside your original driver's license.

    • Time Limit: The validity period of an IDP varies by country, so make sure to check how long it is valid for in your case. You'll need to ensure that your IDP remains valid throughout your planned use of the car.

    • Italian Driver's License: If you plan to reside in Italy long-term and want to drive beyond the validity of your IDP, you will need to apply for an Italian driver's license. The requirements and process for obtaining an Italian driver's license can vary depending on your circumstances, so it's recommended to research the specific requirements in your region.

  2. Local Regulations: Keep in mind that rules and regulations related to driving, car ownership, and residency can vary by region in Italy. It's a good idea to inquire with local authorities or consult with an expert in Italian regulations to ensure that you're in compliance with all requirements.


Sorry James , to buy a car in Italy - need only  the italian residence - Not repeat NOT driving licence - 

Before sentencing and giving advice, it is necessary

1> to inform oneself

2> to learn the language of the country in which one is sentencing, in order to understand what one reads ..

Have a good reading .. and

> https://www.laleggepertutti.it/301372_per-comprare-unauto-serve-la-pate…

Particularly >

per comprare un auto serve la patente?

La legge non vieta di acquistare un’autovettura a chi non ha la patente. Questa regola generale vale sia che si tratti di una macchina nuova sia quando la vettura è usata e viene comprata dal precedente proprietario. Cambieranno infatti le formalità da espletare ma non i requisiti necessari per comprare l’auto e tra questo non è compreso il conseguimento della patente.

TRASLATION !!  ( by google traslator )  > for unlicensed Professors ..

Do you need a driving license to buy a car?

The law does not prohibit the purchase of a car by anyone who does not have a driving licence. This general rule applies whether it is a new car or when the car is used and bought from the previous owner. In fact, the formalities to be completed will change but not the requirements necessary to buy the car and this does not include obtaining a driving license.