Article about Marche red wines

Pat H
09/09/2009 - 15:10


 being close neighbours... ie ascoli is a whole lot closer than pescara and the drive up there is much nicer we tend to get a fair bit of Marche wine here... i love the Piceno red wines... although as well i sometimes like to get away from either Teramo or Ascoli to drink something other than either a montepulciano or a blended montepulciano as sometimes i like a lighter red... good article ...i enjoyed reading it

If you come our way (Colli del Tronto / Pagliare etc) then give us a call and we'll take you to our local cantina - Saladini - and you can try their excellent reds and rosatos. PM me if you are going to be in the area.

Ah yes... she of course.  Should stay off the wine while writing.  And Andrew, who is this invitation extended to?  Marche is one of the few areas in Italy bar the islands, I haven't been to.  So maybe I should come and have a lokk at the wines there some time.

We were very impressed by the Conero reds when we stayed in Portonovo a few years back.What wines are grown around the more southern area, daughter is off to Ripatransone on Monday...

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Penny, your daughter is indeed very lucky, as the Ripa wines are some of the finest in the Marche. Their reds are particularly appreciated, and the whites are also very tasty. I would recommend that she eats at the Barone Rosso in the town centre. Great little village with apparently the narrowest alleyway in Italy!

Andrew, I will pass that information on.  This is the holiday I won in the Aquila Raffle, she and boyfriend are going.  The town (or is it a village?) also has a Barbie museum apparently, seems rather bizarre... think the Ripa wine will be of more interest somehow!

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HiHeiko; the photo is indeed the one that is most recent; it was taken by a colleague of Alfred Hitchcock during one of my better moments. I find that a few glasses of red wine smooths me out a bit, and I start to look like the handsome creature I was in the early 1950's.Someone told me that I needed beauty sleep, and that I should stay in bed for a month...