A message to Miss Italy 2009 from an Irish Romantic.

09/16/2009 - 11:41



Well, to be honest with you, I had wrote her a message,,then it seemed like a fun thing to do, to place it on the interface. I left on here and next time I signed in, I noticed about 30 people had read it, yet nobody made a comment, as i had made an effort to write the darn thing, and nobody read it, well I am too sensitive, sensitivity can border paranoia, I dont get paranoid per se, yet online is very different to actually talking to people in person, no body language etc. anyways! I took it down as I tend as a person to do things then wonder why I do them. She is absolutely beautiful. Yet just for you. here it goes.To Maria Perrusi from Calabria. My love for you is still & uninterrupted. Your hand may bow my all to stone soil, So grace & love may stand you in joy through our travels. In your joy - you shall be destined to peace, you offer "beauty without ceasing" - through your special image to mankind. Your hand may raise my all from stone soil - To stand in eternal strenght to your front. I offer my all to thee Silvio, so be I equiped with infinite armour & weaponry to protect this hand that gives my purpose. As this hand shall bow me to stone soil, Allow me O Silvio to suffer all pain that may come our way - My faithfulness to the beauty of this hand shall afford strenght through reflection. As this hand raises my all from stone soil, I offer to whisper your words in defence of this hand. To kneel in stone soil & hold this beauty is my only purpose. In taking the direction of this beauty, I shall search my soul for patience and wisdom to stand in armour to the front of my true beauty. Your Hand is beautiful Maria.  

A photo of the beautiful one? who are you refering too. and yep a psychiatric nurse, actually clinical nurse specialist in dual diagnosis, never the less, took career leave two years ago and working in business since then.recentoly bought a place here in dublin, ridiculously inexpensive! ha so planning on getting a place in the region of Abruzzo soon.you looking forward to anything? im off to lake garda and milan in two and a half weeks! plenty of poetry there eh! 

Lucky you, that's fantastic, great to get such time. well have loads of fun in those ancient tuscan traditional frolics, cooking in frolics, drinking etc etc,,,i should image Tuscany is some what like transporting yourself into an anytime era that one so wishes. have a safe flight......look forward to hearing how you get along, Ciao x