Wine from Italy to UK - Swiss Customs

10/06/2009 - 13:35

We were hoping to drive back to UK with some Italian vini in the back via Swizerland.   Found on checking Swiss Customs website that there appears to be a 0.60 SwFr per litre charge for wine up to 20 litres.   Does anyone know if this 20 litre limit is per person?    Figuring that it might still be worth paying the duty.     Has anyone had any experience?  


If you are driving back in a car [rather than a van] and the wine is in your boot, I'd be amazed if your car would be checked - whenever we drove through Switzerland, all they looked at was the motorway vignette and our passports The 20 litre limit would apply for each adult travelling

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HiAs Alan says the only thing the swiss seminterested in is whether or not you have a vignette.  We have never been stopped and usually have about 100 bottles in our boot.  If you want to miss Switzerland though to avoid the customs then you can go via Brenner pass into Austria. Chris

Switzerland actually recently joined the Schengen agreement although not part of the EU.  They shouldn't check passport at all any more and if you are just travelling through on transit, you are not liable for duties at all.  (Illegal drugs and weapons might be a problem mind should you be caught with them).

 Quote:- (Illegal drugs and weapons might be a problem mind should you be caught with them).Spose I better just stick to the wine then. The family will be so disappointed though.Pilch

I agree that passing through means you are not liable to the import taxes.  In theory they could list your wine and make you hand over the documentation on exit from Switzerland - happened to us once. Phil