Possible strike action at Stansted?

10/26/2009 - 11:26

Has anyone heard about possible strike action at Stansted?  I've just been watching the ITV news, they were talking about the proposed strike action by BAA then threw in the line 'that coupled with possible strike action at Stansted' but didn't go into any detail.  I know BAA are considering striking over the Christmas period to cause maximum disruption and now I'm worried that something similar will happen at Stansted and I'm booked to travel to Pescara on 23 December?!?!?!



That doesn't sound good at all, if my flight is disrupted after weeks and weeks of looking forward to my Christmas and New Year break I'll be devastated, not to mention the money i'll lose.  Cilla, lets keep our fingers crossed that this is resolved and quickly!  Penny, thanks for this, I searched on Google but couldn't find any information.