Need information on a future trip to Marsala Sicily

05/20/2009 - 10:50

Hello Everyone,Finally a user friendly website that you can find out about Italy as well as communicate with people in that area.Thank you.Well my family heritage has always been paramount in my life as I'm a 1st generation US Italian. My father and family came to America in 1912 to start a new life. It is great being Italian with all the family recipes, non-verbal gestures, language and customs. I will always be Italian in my heart.Well now that I'm in my 50's I would like to visit Italy and enjoy what it has to offer. My family originated in Marsala Sicily in Trapani Province and I would like to know more about this area.Here are just a few questions I have to start this forum:1. Where is the best place to fly into in Europe to head to Italy maniland and also Marsala Sicily?2. Love to hear from other who have visited Sicily to tell about their experiences? Good and Bad3. Is it better to stay in a Bed and Breakfast or a major hotel?Any suggestions of great places in the Marsala area would be appreciated.4. Renting a car? Is it needed or should we use public transportation?5. Is the airport in Polarmo the best airport to fly into or should a ferry from mainland be better and more enjoyable?I will ask more if this area get going.Thank you in advance.Iggy



hi, my grandfather and his father lived there it's a great place all be it rather flat.IF i were you i'd try and fly to either Roma or you may ,if you use Alitalia, find a new york - palermo flight which would be the best thing.public transport in sicily is at best tragic ( anyone who tells you different ..i gave a lift to the ticket inspector of the Palermo marsala train i dropped him off at Trapani we had time to have breakfast together and the train had still not arrived at trapani!)and unless you want to spend your holiday messing round with slow hot trains...hire a car!then you are free to explore not just marsala but other parts of the island.if you give me a while i'll give you a couple of addresses of good places to any case a visit to the valley of the temples at Agrigento is a must ,just as is selinunte,capo san vito,palermo :) i'd go to mazzara del vallo too , and enjoy sicilian cous cous with giant prawns.bear in mind it's all quite low key in those areas ie,it's not some mega turist destination.people will be great, drink lots of water better if bottled as there's a few problems with water.try and take showers at strange times of day as when you might normally take a shower there might not be water available.drink nice fresh bianco d'alcamo wine....

I'm ready to leave right now.I hope I can keep in touch with you as it is always easier when you speak with locals.I see you live in the SW part of the island.Thank you again and I will check on the flight from NYC to Polermo.Iggy  

Hi! Marsala is well worth a visit. I strongly advice you to:

  • visit the town city centre - the main square brings you in the Italian atmosphere, also because Marsala is the place where Garibaldi and the Mille arrived
  • take a trip to the Mothya Island - the "imbarcadero" is just 5 km from Marsala - to learn more about past and visit many Greek remains as Necropoli.
  • visit the "Cantine Florio" cellar and taste Marsala wine;

I agree with Sebastiano suggestion to visit the Greek temples. I personally prefer Selinunte than Agrigento for two reasons:1. It is closer to Marsala (about 40 minutes by car)2. It has a bigger archeological park and you can enter the interior of some of the temples - even if I must admit Agrigento temples are in less damaged conditions.I'll post some videos and photos of my last trip to Marsala and in the surroundings and try to provide you as many information as I can.A presto :) 

Thank you for the information. Funny you mentioned Garibaldi. We have a family story that has been passed down that my great grand father helped store weapons for Garibaldi. The story is said that in the wine storae cave their was a secret compartment behind a large number of barrels that the weapons were stashed. Thanks for the information as I will continue to gather information for my future trip.  

Hi Iggy,I asked for advice to one of my friends who lives in Marsala. Here you are her indications:Birgi Airport in Trapani, is the closest to Marsala (12 km). The only company which operates there is Ryanair. Its destinations are in the map at this link: public transport system works well in the Trapani province, so Marsala-Trapani-Mazara-Castelvetrano (Selinunte) are well connected by bus.As an alternative, you could arrive in Palermo Airport but it takes longer to go to Marsala. Once at the airport you need first to reach the city centre and take the bus to Marsala. It takes about two hours to go to Marsala. The bus line is called "Autoservizi Salemi".Hope this helps

There are now direct low cost flights from NY to palermo in the summer.  otherwise fly into palermo, or Rome and then on to Palermo.   You will need to hire a car, the west of Sicily is not great for public transport if you are not on school routes in term time- Sicily is a wonderful place, but the regions within Sicily are varied and diverse.  palermo is, while typically Sicilian, completely unlike the rest of the island.  I would stay in a smaller hotel or B&B - if you stay in a larger place you could be anywhere, but a smattering of Italian will be useful. 

Many Years have passed since my 1st post and have done a ton of research in relation to the Ingianni family here in the US as well as in Marsala.
With some help by a family member in Marsala I now have family genealogy data dating back to 1548 with names, marriages, children, birth and death dates to my 9th Great Grand Father Antonio Ingianni born around 1548 and his wife Margherita Catalano

Amazing stuff.

Hope you have as much luck as I have had.
Now to insure this information is passed on.