... coming up with a question was hard. How can

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 ... coming up with a question was hard. How can you come up with anything that Google does immediately cough up!

anyway - here goes.

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who can give me a complete description of Sicily's first DOCG wine.


I want area of production, type, grapes used, history and the correct explanation of where the name of this wine comes from.

 The most complete account wins



DOCG means denominazione di origine  controllata e garantita. Very few wines have that honour south of Rome and Sicily's first one is produced in the area of Ragusa.There are two grapes involved ... and the name of the wine has a place name in it. The initials C d V come on, I am practically giving this away now...

Is itMarsala which first received DOCG in 1969Area of production : Region surrounding the Italian City of MarsalaThe name is from the Greek warlord Marsala who thought men fought with more flair in battle after imbibingGrapes used are Grillo,Inzolia and Catarratto (amongst others) If this is wrong at least I know a bit about Marsala wine now......  

Cerasuolo di Vittoria 60% Nero d' avola and 40% FrappatoName is something to do with the colour because it resembles cherriesThe first grapes were planted in 1606 coinciding with the foundation of the city of Vittoria - Vittoria Colonna (the main woman - daughter of a high  up) conceded to the 1st 75 colonists a piece of land but they had to agree to plant grapes on an equal size of land. In a few years this grape production became an excellent source of income  for them (That would make more sense if ONLY I could cut and paste:) )

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Thank you everybody - Do you know that with Ronald's £20 we will have raised £91 already!!!Not bad considering most people are still finding their feetI would love to see more members being brave enough to post a question but I won't nag (much!)Ronald you realise that we just will not get a moment's peace if Jinty does not get her paws on a t shirt??? Please I beg you throw one in the post to her Now Alan and Jinty have recently done a question for the quiz and it would be fantastic if somebody new would be so kind as to become the next mini quizmaster...Whaddya say?Moxie

Cerasuolo is the first Sicilian DOCG. It's produced in the Ragusa province in Caltanisetta and Catania using Frappato and Calabrese grapes. It's one of the few grapes that can boast a birth certificate: in 1606 the founder of the town of Vittoria, Vittoria Colonna Enriques, gave the first 75 colonists a hectare of land on the condition that they cultivated another hectare as a vineyard. Even the name has historic origins: in the area a red bud grew spontaneously, though similar in name to "cherry" (kerasos) it was a different plant. The founder's investments yielded copius fruit, so much so that in 1808 Balsamo the monk could write: "Victoria's land produces a very valid wine that should, in my opinion, be regarded as the best of this type on the whole island. It's composed almost entirely of grossonero, calabrese and frappato grapes."

alan h's document is quite comprehensive but it was missing one bit I was really looking for - where does cerasuolo the word come from. Elicat got that right with "kerasi" which is literally cherry in greek.So 20 goes to the fund and t-shirt to elicat which hoepfully will start a new post, tag it Abruzzo Quiz and give us the next question -  and if Jinty and/or alan h pop a symbolic amount in the fund I'll fire off two t-shirts their way as well 

I'll have to get started thinking of the next question.Make the shirt on the large size and I'll send my husband out to do publicity for Italy mag :-)