Hoya plants

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01/09/2010 - 05:15

My wife has managed to come by a hoya leaf cutting can anyone tell us how to now make it grow? I know these cuttings are difficult but any help would be useful


 Dip cut end in rooting powder and put in good potting compost, water well then leave to dry out before watering. That method seems to work with most succulents or suspend in water until shoots appear that works for others....

My mother (who lives in Rome) has had a hoya plant on her veranda for about 28 years. It now covers the whole of one wall and, when in flower, exudes the most fantastic honey smell. She gave me a cutting when I got married 24 years ago and moved to Belgium. I just plonked it in a plant pot filled with quite ordinary potting soil and away it went. However, here in Belgium, I keep it indoors and it has been flourishing since Day One and is in constant flower from May to September. I had a cleaning lady here who spent a month’s holiday visiting relatives in the Ukraine and she reported that they had an enormous hoya plant on their  veranda. All of which leads me to believe that, given the right circumstances, a hoya will do well anywhere so long as it is not too exposed to the elements! One VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember is not to break off the stalks on which the flowers flower. This is where they will flower again.

Thank you Raggio. We were led to believe that cuttings were a hit and miss affair. We had of course looked on the web for information, but you can't beat someones actual experience. That's what great about theses forums.

 Although I have not grown them in Europe, I used to have quite a few hoya plants in Australia. Propagating them was very easy and I used to put the leaves in a glass of water. In a matter of a few days they would start growing some roots and they were ready to plant.

 Had one for years in our porch in the UK. Have planted it in a quiet corner of garden, outside in Italy but seems to be surviving rather than thriving The fragrance is stunning, but they do drip a lot of sticky nectar. Concur with the advice about old flower buds.