IVA on New Build - what is the rate?

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01/29/2010 - 05:30


 What is wrong with Italy mag - when I try to post a new message the message box does not appear and I have to reply to my own thread??? Very confusing!!! I am currently trying to find out what the IVA rate is on new builds. I will be knocking my house down and re-building a new one and I have been told that the rate is 4% and 10%. Does anyone know, for real, what it is??

yes,that is how it is as far as i'm aware because over time there have been frequent changes. bear in mind however that NOT all the things you will buy for your new build have that lower vat rate so for some things you will still be charged 20%.In fact in order to benefit from any vat reduction it is necessary that (thru your geometra) you produce duplicate declarations to be used to give to the various different artisans who without an official declaration are not obliged to reduce the vat at all as this is delicate stuff (otherwise they can get in trouble)

Hi. IVA is at 4% if it is the first house in Italy and you are becoming resident within the stipulated time. 10% is on a new build where residency is not taken up, i.e. holiday home. If you do not take up the residency, then you will be charged the difference.

Just to further clarify, from Sebastiano's post. We can charge 4% on an installation, including excavations, subject to the Geometre supplying the declaration above. It is a bit of a minefield like everything else in Italy, but to save 6% it is worth it!!!

  Question: if I own a rental property (never declared as prima casa) and I decide to build a house for myself on my land (I have development rights) would the IVA on the new house still be 4%? It wouldn't be my first property in Italy but it would be the first property I claim as prima casa.