Mystery Object

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02/24/2010 - 05:43

Can you guess what this is? 


Well, without knowing how big it is, it's rather difficult! If it is sardine tin sized, then both these suggestions are ridiculous. :) However it's clearly home made as in all my years of rummaging around the mercatini, I've never seen anything similar. Bedwarmers usually have a hook to hang from the "prete" and not scorch the sheets. Boh!

It has a handle so presumably it's carriedIt's copper so there might be heat involvedIt's not clear if it's hinged and even if it was the "folded over" part isn't big enough to cover the entire top so it's unlikely to be a bed warmer.Best guess - it's some sort of cooking pot - maybe a prototype fondue pan?

I like Postmac's logic but I think it goes down the wrong track, 1) Handle, would diagree with that, clearly this is a harness device to tether the rats 2) It is copper but I believe that is to counteract corrosion whilst buried 3) Not Clear if its hinged - this is a design feature so that mouse relatives can pay respects Im sticking with Viking Mouse Coffin

yes indeed.100 percent rightWhen i was a little kid and walked the streets of Alkmaar ( holland) always was therethe famous man with the organ. Collecting money with this tin / iron cup.anymore mystery objects pilchard.???Have a nice eveningciao evert

Think I got a bashing elsewhere for putting stuff like this up....someone else have a go eh, or not. As you guessed it Evert it should be you. Nothing too clever though; after all, we are only a bunch of numpties on this site. (winky smiley)

  Thanks for giving us a bit of fun Pilchard.  Life shouldn't be too serious!  BTW I'm certainly not Less than 'joyful' nod nod wink wink!!!!  If some want to think we are numpties then let it be.........