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05/19/2009 - 15:07

Think all this new fangled complicated stuff may prove far too much for my very untechnological brain. Bound to forget new supersonic password by tomorrow and I fear have already given irrelevant details. i'll see what happens anyway.ciaoalma


My advice with this forum is ; and this only applies if you are the only user on your computer; is to not Log Out. That way you are always logged on to this site when you save it to your Favouites, and visit the page through there.

By the heck, I never even got as far as completing my ultra high security password, but here I am on Alma's thread, bound to be more confused than she is ( Ciao Alma, Derbyshire pal; it's me Paulo!) It's good to see some familiar names and yes I won't log out, but where's the Grazie button?

 Mama Mia I'm struggling with this new format, but thank you for responding Gala because how else am I going to figure how to get going? Meanwhile, I feel slightly like something out of a Kafka short story: "Lupo has no status". Did i do something bad? 

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Click on Cosa Fai? Che Pensi?Which in my limited Italian means "what'ya doin?What'ya thinkin?" and type in whatever takes your fancy (as long as it's not rude!) If you click in the piazza page and scroll down to the bottom you'll see what others are doin' or thinkin'I'll be interested to see.......:)  

I don't understand what the status thing is all about.  I have looked at what people have put but does anyone really want to hear how I feel today?   Been in the garden all day , got the back of my neck burnt, feel knacked............see what I mean .  I'm sure we could put something more interesting to get  'status'. Maybe, have we done something above and beyond today?  Just a thought.