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03/16/2010 - 19:44

I hope this post does not offend the powers that be, but I am not sure how to ask Italy mag directly, so I thought if the query was posted here, then the question might get answered by them or someone in the know I was thinking about various other expat websites I have seen in a few diferent countries, inc Italy. Although Italymag website has many great things that  other sites are missing, it seems to lack 1 thing (in my opinion) that Im sure would be great for us. Basically I was wondering why there could not be a seperate classifieds group for buying or selling. The idea being for example,  John smith has decided to buy a better lawn mower, & instead of trying to put it his old one on Italian e-bay where his command of the language is not good enough to recieve calls on it. Instead he puts it into the section of Italymag website dealing with stuff for sale. Italy mag could make this as fanciful or basic as they want, i.e diferent sections for diferent goods, or even have a search facilty. Or they could merely just have a running list. I suppose they could charge for entries if it were a company advertizing & obviously they would need to decide on all the various options of how they would implement this classifieds section. I think there are hundreds of us, with hundreds of items sitting rotting that  that could go to good homes rather then taking up space. Maybe its a bad idea for some reason I have not thought of, so any input would be interesting.


 We're hoping to buy a house in the southern tuscany/umbria area around Lago di Trasimeno area. We only have a modest budget - up to about 90,000 euro. We will be going over in June and hope to arrange to view some properties. This is a preliminary search for a small place to holiday prior to retiring full time in a few years. The other area we like is around Lake Garda but cannot afford to but there. Has anyone got any views about whther it would be better to get a longer term let rather than but at this stage? Would love to hear some views. Also would like to hear  from anyone living in Umbria or Southern Tuscany and their experiences. We have been visiting Italy for the past 14 years and drive down from mid-Wales most years so are familiar with the areas we are interested in but have not had any dealings with estate agents so would value any advice anyone has to give. We are not particularly looking to get rental income and want to integrate in a community.

Oh Well, I did put it to the man in charge as suggested, but no feed back as yet. Suppose he must be busy. I guess if enough people think its a good idea by adding to the post, then it has more chance of happening.

Hi guys, Im glad theres a little interest, although may be not enough ring any alarm bells! I think the 2 new groups could work, but firstly I did not want to accidentally infringe any policies that the website may have & secondly thought that if it were set up by the powers that be, they might be able to make it more functional by adding a few bells & whistles. But if we dont get a reply by management here or in my personal box! perhaps we can assume its OK to set up the basic two groups discussed.   Anyone else that thinks it should go ahead, please let us know

 Hi.....we hope to be moving to the Abruzzo region before xmas this year and I think that this is an excellent idea...in my area... we have a scheme called 'freecycle' where people who have stuff they no longer want advertise it for free and so de-clutter their house! I hope the powers that be impliment this idea....

Talk about it in the office and happy to set it up - give us a couple of weeks to arrange. It should be for things that don't fall under the normal categories (property, accommodation, holidays) and focused on exchanges between individuals rather than companies that want to advertise their wares.

I'm really sorry - I did try to edit this post, then I thought okay, I will download another browser becayuse clearky Interbet Explorer doesn't cut it. So, Chroime gives me access denied. I'm seeuing nothing which I type: so why do I persevere? Dunno, and wLook, promises promises - are youreally goung to hang about? What is the problem with you stopeenig a group? Given up. Drupal on. Not to be deterred - I can now see what I am typing! So, danno, just set up a group (assuming you have the 'authority' to do this). Maybe if you don't have the 'authority' , someone like alanH has possibly got this 'privilege' and could do it on your behalf - but why make a 'good idea' so impossible to implement?

Hi Fillide, I guess no urgency on my part as a little more dust build up on my stuff for sale will easily wipe off. But I think if management are willing to set something up, then hopefully it will be something worth waiting for as it should have more functions then we would be able to implement. Im glad u r also up for the idea

Do it! Do it! Can't wait to bring all my shop stock to Le Marche for anyone wanting antiques/vintage stuff. Initially asked around about starting an antiques shop and apparently I shall be taxed to death, so might consider the old cantina for storage/showroom. I'm up for it Danno... Good luck.  

Hiya Any sign of this yet - speaking as a hopeful who is finding it hard to get decent large furniture in the Umbria (Piegaro) region which is not some sort of vile shiny curved 60's throwback which the Italians seem to favour - don't get me wrong - I love kitsch and am also passionate about Georgian furniture but some of the stuff I have seen is scary.........

Hi, what an excellent idea, in our area of GB we have a freecycle, which works very well, things you no longer need go to people who would like it, thereby doing them a favour and clearing space in your own home. Also may I suggest, considering many people re-locate to Italy to either buy a holiday home, or (as in our case) are  moving to the country permenantly, information on good inexpensive shops/stores where we can buy furniture, curtains, kitchens etc. I know in our own case to export all our furniture over is hugely expensive, and we dont have a large home!, so a place similar to Ikea,(I know there is one in Rome, but its a little too far too travel) where everything can be bought in one place would be a great help, especially if you are on a budget as we are.....just a thought, but if anyone knows of such a place near Abruzzo, please contact..thanks