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05/22/2009 - 03:45

This one seems to have passed the Google test....Name all the grottos of the island of Capri, in order, starting from a departure point of Marina Grande and circling the island clockwise (right turn out of the harbor). I'm looking for their proper names in Italian or English.Extra credit: inside which grotto can you swim under a natural rock bridge? 


Please don't worry elicat - this is very slow time for the quiz - people are just arriving and finding their way at the moment. It is frustrating as obviously we want the questions answered asap in order to raise money more quickly.It is a great quiz question. Come on community members get googling!!!!

The four most commonly mapped, visited and talked about grottos on Capri can be found most easily by consulting tourist materials. I have been going to the island my whole life, and lived there full time for ten years, so I can say with some authority that there are four grottos commonly referred to, visited and "sold" by boat captains looking for busines...

Indeed it was - but a sporty little number in it's day (like so many of us!).The people of  L'Aquila NEED our money.  Should we admit defeat and move onto another question?????

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I declare YOU the winner Cinghiale for that excellent suggestion. For what it's worth, I was looking for: Grotta Meravigliosa/Grotto of MarvelsGrotta Verde/Green Grotto Grotta Rossa/Red GrottoGrotta Azzura/Blue GrottoExtra credit: the rock bridge can be swum under from the Green Grotto passing to the Red Grotto. The small area between them is often referred to as the "Champagne Grotto" for the fizzy seawater found there.As someone pointed out, there are many, many more grottos - these are the "big four" however. I'll send in my €10 to the fund and trust that you will come up with a much better question that I did!

Okay.  £10 from me into the pot when you get this question right (and how about a voluntary £/€2 per guess?)QUESTION:  Sometimes companies find themselves deeply embarrassed when the name they choose for a product translates into something completely different in another language.With this thought in mind which Japanese sports car did they find almost impossible to sell in France - and why?  

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Mr C - do ya think you could set this question up as a new post in the quiz/fundraising section please??? Or confusion will set in!  X    Thank youElicat - a round of applause for you madam - thank you for your question your patience and your donation!!

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Mox - as ever you're way ahead of me!  Don't want confusion to set in. Question now posted as requested (I hope) so answers there, not here, please