BBC entertainment on Sky Italia

03/30/2010 - 06:57

For all those with Facebook - please join the group 'Bring back BBC entertainment on Sky Italia' - and if anyone has any helpful suggestions about how to convince sky italia to put it back, please make them..


Would it not be better to say to Sky Italia..............go away, I am cancelling my contract forthwith ? I suspect the impact of the loss of revenue would be of interest to them? S

 I'm in the facebook group and many people in it have cancelled their Sky subscriptions. Sky don't seem to care at the moment.  I think they know they will have a steady audience throughout the summer sport season but after that they may sit up and take notice!

  I have (as an uninterested person) followed a bit of this stuff on 'satellite forums' - and I have concluded that it is not really 'Sky' (or even Sky Italia) who made 'the decision'. More culpable is the BBC. Anyway, if you are in Italy and desperate for UK TV, basta get a proxy server (which 'pretends' your computer is in the UK). A very reliable, solid, offering is available at for £5 per month (or £50 per year). This gives you perfect access to BBC iplayer, and 4OD (plus ITV and C5, though those don't stream so well - their fault, not iportal's fault). Try it out - it works, and delivers so much more than Sky Italia ever did.