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04/10/2010 - 17:20

  My husband and I are at odds at present about where to start looking for a property. We both want to be in Tuscany, but can't afford the more expensive areas. I'm keen on looking in the north, around Pontremoli but he wants to look in the south towards lago di Bolsena, which I know, is in Lazio! Would anyone like to fight the corner for either of these areas. We're planning on coming to Italy in September for about a month on a first real reccie. 



Northern Tuscany tends to be cheaper property wise; although property prices are falling throughout Tuscany.  The area is very different from the southern Tuscan countryside as it's alot more mountainous,; it depends if you prefer this type of countryside. The Southern area of Tuscany is very beautiful but is also hotter in Summer. Take the time when you're over to look at both areas as only you will know what you prefer and don't be put of by what you read all the time there's a lot to be said about 'going with your Heart'...

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I know what you mean.  there will always be some people who have bad experiences and try to put you off. The thing is. We want to retire to Italy. If it doesn't work out then we will have to sell up and come back to UK or rent the property and rent somewhere back in UK. If we don't do it we will always wonder 'what if?'

Tinker is right, take your time. We had to make several trips to Italy before finding exactly what we wanted. And then... there it was. The agent was not convinced and kept on showing us other places, but we had fallen in love with the old watermill and the river that we could see and hear from all the windows. We bought it immediately! Actually, I think that the house decided that we were going to be its owners....

Some years ago, having spent a few years worth of holidays visiting the Italian lakes, Umbria and Tuscany areas, we decided we could maybe retire to Italy. We ended up in part of Italy which was not on our radar at all - Le Marche ! Magnificent scenery, (40 mins east to the beach, 40 mins west to the (small) ski-slopes!) very much REAL Italy, it's like stepping back 30 years in time when you look at the lifstyle, but with the added bonus of having some of the good things of the modern era thrown in. We now go on holiday to the previous regions of interest the car normally.............a few hours drive from home and we can be pretty much anywhere on mainland regrets whatsoever! S

I would suggest that you rent something in Italy first for a few months before deciding to sell property in the UK. Not everyone adjusts to retirement life in a different country, even if you have Italian ancestry. There are family and friends that you may miss, or perhaps that place that you thought was perfect for you proves not to be so "perfect". We do not live permanently in Bagni di Lucca, but we go to our home there two or three times during the year. The rest of the time, we live in Spain, where I have family and friends and we also visit the USA where our daughters live. I would not have problems living permanently in Italy, but this is the way things are at the moment and we enjoy going from une place to the other.

Agree with Sprostoni, we too live in Le Marche and would not to be anywhere else....  Enjoy too visiting the 'other places', and as have saved a few euros buying here can afford said visits.  Well just.............. The house, and location has to be right for you...have you ever been to 'Le Marche', sure, if not you will be is beautiful !!!!!

We have a house near Cassino (as in Monte Cassino) which is southern Lazio.  Our town is Picinisco (pop. 1200!) which has quite a history and was 85% destroyed during the WWII.  Very mountainous, very beautiful, 40 minutes from the Med and about 1.5 hours to the Adriatic. Half an hour from the ski slopes but in the winter, although our house is up the side of a mountain, we don't get snow. In fact there is hardly a frost, maybe because we are that much further south in Italy and not too high. We also live in the REAL Italy with very few Brits or other nationalities around. We have made so many friends in the few years we have had the house, especially my husband who has spent more time over there than I have due to my work in the UK.  The views are stunning all around and when out driving you just cannot take your eyes off the scenery surrounding you.  House prices can vary depending upon the village/town you choose but there are some good ones to be had.  We have a 200 year old house of 180sq metres which was in excellent condition when we bought it 4 years ago. Just needed painting and a kitchen (OK, we have to get in central heating but we have coped to date with the log fires in the rooms - heating will be installed in the next year or so). We intend to retire over there in the next year or two.  I adore the region we have bought in as it is only just about 1.5 hour to Rome or Naples and accessible to everywhere.  Having been to quite a few places in Italy I have to say we adore this region and it suits us down to the ground. Best of luck with your search.

Have a look in Abruzzo. I guess the prices here are at least 30% lower. The scenery will take your breath away. Last week I was sunbathing out side the house and looking across at a 2,750 Metre mountain with snow on it! Its just as hot as any where else but because of the mountains no where near as humid as it gets elsewhere. Im told in summer that instead of struggling to sleep in the hot night temperatures the natural convection currents will supply gentle cool breezes. I dont think I've seen an air con unit on a house! I got my place through vigneverde have a look. I hope you are happy with whatever you choose best of luck to you in your decision.     

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we have got to keep our search a bit narrow or we will never find anything! We are looking at Tuscany because I still have lots of family in the region, in Livorno. Not that I want to live there but would like to be within striking distance. Also, one of our main criteria is to be within each reach of an airport as we hope that our children, grandchildren  and friends will come to visit.