bills, bills, bills!

04/13/2010 - 18:12

Nothing but bills coming through the letterbox down here in Sicily.  How about where you are?


"I've just got a red bill from the comune for ICI 2008 which is for over €1000 and includes interest owed even though this is the first time they have sent the bill." My Commune never sends a bill out to me - I have to look at their website for the rate, calculate the ICI and pay it by the 'due date'  [bit of a bummer with a holiday home that isn't visited that much - off there in May to hopefully pay it]

We pay our ICI via commercialista and started doing so in 2008 (we have a holiday let in addition to our prima casa) never having received a bill as we understood that they were not issued.  However we too received a Red Bill for outstanding ICI for 2006 and 2007.  I believe that it is our responsibility to pay ICI, as it is to make tax declaration, and bills are only issued when someone figures out that we haven't paid - this can take a while!!

Correct, to the best of my knowledge, karenr. Also, persistent non payment (apart from fines) as with non submitance of legally obliged tax returns can lead to a "possession order" being issued on one's property. Its good that you have gone to a commercialista.

Thanks guys, now I know. My procuratore paid so many bills I lost count and assumed one must have been ICI. I filled out the forms for the new tassa di rifiuti and I believe they will send me the bill for that. smiley

I think you'll find that it up to you to go to th offices to sort your ICI bill out, they are due I think in May. They never send a bill out round here.

According to the Finance Ministry website  The ICI must be paid in two installments:

  1. first, to be paid by June 16, is equal to 50% of tax due for the year and is calculated at the rate and deductions the previous year;
  2. the second installment to be paid in settlement between 1 and December 16, is determined by the application of rates and deductions deliberated for the current year, then subtracting the amount paid on account.

The website has a fair amount about ICI – [its in Italian, but my Google bar translated it for me], and although it may not help on how to pay, it could help with the calculations and the [relatively small] charges for late payment  [I paid late last year – cost me about 6 Euros extra] The website is   here

Gosh, I started something there! I don't own property so don't get an ICI bill but I sure get everything else! There's only me and Simi the dog but my gas bills are sky high.  I'm sorry for all of you with these enormous bills but I do feel less alone now!

Ciao a tutti, Can someone please tell me how I open a post office account in Italy?. I am paying my electric bill by direct debit from our bank account in Italy. I would like to change it to the post office. Too many charges at the bank. Can you pay electric & water bills by direct debit from the post office? Thank you, Michael