Hairdressing in the local Italian salon

04/26/2010 - 16:35

The local hair salon just down the road from our Italian apartment looks a very traditional place.  It has photos of ladies sporting boufant hair dos as well others with stylish cut and blow dries.  Behind the net curtains I can see old fashioned hair driers, the kind you sit under and the dome comes down and covers your whole head for a good hot blow on your rollers.  Mum's coming to Italy for a holiday and I know she'll want a visit to a hairdresser as, at 83 years old, she might get back strain leaning over our bath to wash her hair under the hand shower.  I've seen ladies coming out of the salon, and their hair looks a treat.  So, I'll take mum there, and we'll give it a go. What would be helpful is a translation of the following terms.  Please help. No trim needed Just a wash and blow dry Dry hair conditioner Please put plenty of curl and bounce in it Use plenty of hairspray        


No trim needed = non serve il taglio Just a wash and blow-dry =  solo lavati e asciugati Dry hair conditioner = balsamo per capelli secchi Please put plenty of curl and bounce in it = li faccia belli e ricci e spumosi Use plenty of hairspray = ci metta molta lacca

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Yes Patz.  I have great hopes of the Italian hair experience!  Mum does her own at home, you'd be amazed how well she does it - wash, blow dry, heated rollers, plenty of hair spray.  Often she does it better than many stylists.  When I was 4 or 5 years old she used to roll mine up and put it in rags for the Shirley Temple sausage ringlet look! I have noticed how many senior Italian ladies go for the classical hair look.  Often, they are so well dressed for outings too.  My mum should feel very much at home in Italy, at 83 years of age, she still loves to coordinate her clothing, wear lovely accessories, and a light make-up.