Part load to Bagni di Lucca

05/14/2010 - 05:44

A few weeks ago somebody was talking about a business transporting to and from Italy. I have lost the name - of course. We are looking to send a small load down to Bagni di Lucca to coincide with our visit in the first week of July. Any chance with anybody?   This is because......................THE HOUSE IS NEARLY FINISHED!!   I hope this message gets through alright as I am still abit dim about the whole forum thing. For example, what is my "status" - how do I achieve it?   In hope   Fabbriche



Saffie   We have used Euromanandvan in the past but they are not available in the first week of July. Might have some dates earlier. If not, do you have anyone else in mind?  Will pm you.   Fabbriche

Also recommend They have brought furniture out to us in the past ranging from a half van laod to just a flat pack. They have just taken a full load back to the UK for friends of ours. We have a part load waiting for them here (near to Bagni) as they are very accomodating people try them. Jerry

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Thanks Jerry   Looks like we are using the same people - the loveley Ian?!  I know they are not available first week in July but might be going out earlier. Perhaps we can tie up with Saffie.   Thanks again.   P.S. Will post a photo of the house next time we are over.