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06/05/2010 - 13:29

  We have finally got round to adding a posting (think it's relevant here) Five years ago we bought a house in Alviano (near to Orvieto) and have been spending 4 or 5 months in it each year. We have some lovely Italian neighbours but are finding it difficult to meet people. We speak enough Italian to get by but would really like to meet up with people who are having similar settlling in experiences.We know there are lots of English speaking people in Orvieto, but how do we meet them/you? Best wishes Jan


There are lots of expats around - a good new network group on facebook is umbria lovers - nothing dodgy, a group set up by a couple of youngish italian couple for those people who love umbria - had a great get together in perugia recently.  we are nr. Todi by the by!

We've just got back from Orvieto, where we have a fairly modern apartment about 5 minutes from the duomo. We generally go 4- 5 times a year but only for 10 - 14 days at a time, mainly as a result of other commitments here in UK. Our experience is that local people are polite and friendly if perhaps a bit reserved. Our next visit is likely to be at the beginning of September and we would be happy to meet up either in Umbria or Yorkshire!