We havent visited Rome yet so have decided that's where

08/01/2010 - 11:13

We havent visited Rome yet so have decided that's where our next visit will take us!

From other people's experience I would like opinions on planning our trip eg. what we must not miss!, how long we need in Rome itself (I know how long the string is!).  Really just a general list of do's and don'ts.

A must is Sunday service at St Peters - husband being a not-so-good catholic boy!

I have decided not to hire a car on this trip but to use public transport - OH not so sure on that one.  We will fly to Pisa (only destination from Bournemouth) and I think it will be less stressful to let the train take the strain as they say.

This will be October btw.  Thanks  Joy heart



http://saintpetersbasilica.org/touristinfo.htm  gives details for St Peters  I'd visit the Pope's Parish Church - St John Lateran - very impressive, and not crowded  When we went we didn't take a car - traffic is v stressful. What we did each day was take a taxi to the place we wanted to see [St Peters, Colloseum, etc] and then just walk back to the hotel - amazing places found on these walks.

Do not take your car in, park at end of metro line eg Anagnina and go in that way or by train Visit San Clemente church and go beneath the church to amazing excavations Favourite church - The Gesu - magnificent Villa Giulia - beautiful and amazing etruscan gold jewellery Do not take valuables in to Rome and never keep wallet etc in back pocket - beware pickpockets when boarding/alighting metro and buses partic no. 64. Drink frequently at water taps constantly running NOT from fountains There's always more to see

As in all these things it is very much a personal opinion.  I would agree with taking the train though -nice and central in Termini and no hassle with parking. How long to stay? depends - we been several trips on 3-4 day stays each and still go back for more. San Giovanni in Laterano is well worth a visit as has previously been said.  Gotta do the usual stuff -Sistine Chapel,  Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Colloseum etc.  Going up to the top of St Peter's is really good. Personnaly I like Piazza Navona, Campo Dei Fiori and some of the best restaurants over in Trastevere

If you enjoy walking around foreign cities, one of the best guides to Rome is by Georgina Masson, she gives over 20 walks with all the 'must do's' en route. The book is full of information and details and covers many places not on the usual tourist routes, few photos but great to follow and to plan your itinerary. It is no doubt available via Amazon/Play.com etc . Alternatively and often a good start point for many, especially if time is limited, is the city tour bus, can't remember the number,  (no doubt someone else will remember) which starts at Termini but once you have bought your ticket you can hop on and off at will at all the major sites. Can save a lot of shoe leather! And finally, if time allows, Ostia Antica for us is always a definite must - a mini Pompei but without the crowds and despite having visited there I don't know how many times we always find something new. It is easy to get to on the  train from Pyramide. You do not need a car in Rome, indeed a car is more of a hindrance so you have, I think, made the right decision.

Just outside Termini station is the bus station. You won't cover Rome in one trip. I thought paying for the open top tour bus would be an extravigance. Hovever, it was money well spent as traipsing around can be tiring. It lasts for 24 hours and we were able to cover lots of places we would not have done on foot. You can get off and on where you choose. It made the trip very relaxing and not at all stressed. We went last October. The weather was perfect, not too hot. Rome was amazingly not teeming with people so we had no queues. A living museum so the whole experience is wonderful.

I usuaully suggest the keyhole to visitors, not many people know about it, but it is one of the most impressive views of Rome. Its at Garden of "Consiglio di Malta" on the Aventin, near to Santa Sabina and S Alessio, sort of close to 'Bocca della Verita. A car is not worth it, but make sure your hotel is close to the centre or a Metro stop. I have know people who have booked a 'in the centre' hotel to find out it was miles away with no direct transport.   Mark  

Thank you all - elliven, celticfire, andiamo, moruzzo and mark for taking the time to reply. I will put all of those places on my list and bear in mind all the 'do's and don'ts'. Thought I would get all the planning sorted early as being self employed work is always horrendous before taking time off! I am very grateful for all your ideas - thanks again.  Joyheart