Il Resto di Carlino - translation please!

11/29/2010 - 06:23

Morning - the above is the name of a local paper.  We can only make it out as "The remainder of the pug" - any ideas?? Or is that some old Italian proverb - in which case, what does it mean???


Thanks to Wikipedia I've answered my own question   "Il Resto del Carlino is an Italian local newspaper based in Bologna, and is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy. Its rather evocative name means "the change you get from a Carlino," the smallest part of the Papal bajocco, which was legal tender at the time, when a sheet of local news was given out in shops to make up for any change owing. It is indirectly owned by a group of Italian industrialists, and reflects their political stance"

An anecdote regarding alternative change:  In the early 70’s I was at university in Rome and used to buy La Repubblica every morning which, at the time, cost 90 lire. The kiosk man never had the 10 lire change and would give me a sweet instead. After a while, I got a little fed up with this and decided to play him at his own game. I collected all the sweets and when I had got 9, I went to buy my usual paper and then handed him the 9 sweets. He was furious and said that he could not accept this. I replied that for nine days at least I had not protested at his giving me a sweet instead of 10 lire, so why was he now so indignant? The result of this negotiation was that he never again offered me a sweet instead of my 10 lire – he actually kept a little tin for my own personal change!