coffee machines?

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01/20/2011 - 07:52

My much loved morphy richards espresso machine has died after many years of heavy use. Can anyone recommend a small machine with enough grunt to make good espresso with decent crema? In the past we have tried small Gaggias and weren't too impressed, I don't want one that only takes pods. Having problems finding review sites for Italian models and without tasting the coffee its impossible to know whats bad good or indifferent.Would love to know if you have a machine that you're pleased with - is it still possible to get decent coffee from a machine under 100€?ThanksAm


Pods make lovely coffee but we drink quite a bit and tbh they are a bit pricy for me. Not keen on all that packaging either. Ange - hi hon thanks yes I know there are lots on offer and are doing free delivery too and have some which I am trying to do research on, its just I have found that some are much better than others at that price and some are awful and you never know till you get the buggers home, plus I don't know the italian brands beyond the obvious. I am tempted by some of the bargains on - is buying a 2nd hand coffee machine on line gambling? Ha. I am hoping someone will say - I just bought one of *those* and its fab or I've had one of these for years and it makes coffee as good as our local bar. And it was only 95€! I live in hope. Good coffee IS important and bad coffee makes me a bit grumpy. All opinions most valued. Ta Am

You might try looking round for a Morphy-Richards Roma they seemed to get good reviews. Really you won't find a good coffee machine very cheaply. It is just too complicated to copy what you get in a pro machine on a small scale. The grinder is at least as important as the machine, so you really need a good one of those too. Have a look on this site for more information La Pavoni & Gaggia both make good domestic espresso machines but Italy is not the best place to buy them! THis is because most Italians drink their daily coffee in a bar & keep a small stove-top espresso pot for use at home. The UK, Holland or Germany seem to have the best prices for these small machines. You might find a Gaggia Espresso like this still around or a La Pavoni I used one of these daily for about 10 years before upgrading to a single-group pro-sumer machine. Pip pip

  I bought a Mokona - the one that looks like a giant Moka stove-top coffee maker - about 18 months ago in the UK  when it was half price. It doesn't have a grinder but takes ground coffee, pods and cialde. I'm very happy with it and I gave one to a friend who struggles to get a decent espresso here in Penzance and she's thrilled to bits! I noticed it was much more expensive in Italy - for the reasons given above, I guess - but they have come down in price. When I'm in Italy I use a stove-top Moka or go out.

I have an italian Saeco machine which I have used extensively for more than 10 years. It has never failed me and still makes excellent coffee. It lookes almost like the model Royal, except for the milk tube, which I do not have. I am not found of the ones that take pods, since I think it is an insane packaging - very expensive for the environment. I prefer the machines that grounds coffee beans - always gives a better tasting coffee than if it is made from pre-ground coffee.

We have a small Classic Gaggia coffee maker. It doesn't have a build in grinder, so we grind beans fresh every time in a small Dualit grinder. It makes good coffee, and froths the milk. We are very fussy about our coffee. I agree with you that beanz are best every time.

Thanks for all responses, the Morphy Richards Roma is the one we have and I think they are no longer available - it was excellent but the plastic part holding the hot water head has split and they cant supply the part. Am in the process of trying to buy an ebay 2nd hand one in uk and just getting them to send me that part though given it is a well used machine I suspect I will only be delaying the inevitable purchase of a new machine. Personal experiences are so valuable, will check out all your suggestions. Yes I am a grinder of beans too, we have a great little grinder that just does enough for a couple of cups at a time. How mad that it may be cheaper to buy an Italian machine from amazon uk and have it sent back here than get it from I'd never considered that Italians may not make their own and just drink coffee in bars but I guess it makes sense. As I'm about 6km from a bar its not the answer for me! cheers all Am

Alan thats amazing - their customer services - (I sent them a photo of the part and model no etc) said 'Thank you for your email We regret to inform you that the part you request is no longer available and is therefore obsolete.  We attempt to use similar components as used in current appliances. Regrettably, in this instance that was not possible.' and the part I need is on their website for £2.60.   and I bid £15 on a 2nd hand machine tonight on ebay for the part! Aaaaaargh. Bet I bloomin win it now. Sigh, grr, anyone near Humberside and want a good coffee machine - pick up only!! They were happy to post me the bit only bless em too. I will be having a wee word with their customer service dept. Why oh why did I not find that when I googled it? Thanks for the info. Am

Result! Someone else paid £16 for the machine so now I hope I can just order the part. Theres lucky. Its not easy to retract a bid unless you have done something daft like said you'll pay £99 instead of .99p. thanks so much Alan for that info.   Am