Newcastle to Rome flights

01/19/2011 - 13:31

I am in a bit of a panic because I cannot see any flights this year from Newcastle to Rome by Easyjet.  they still have it as a route on their website but with no flights put up for sale.   I phoned Easyjet and they said I would just have to wait and see whether the route will be used and keep popping online to check.   Does anyone else use this route and do they know of any other way to do get to Rome or Naples from the northeast of England.   Thank you.


This is normal for the Rome to Newcastle route, Easyjet stops this route end of October and begins again early March, we are from the north east and as always been a problem getting back for Xmas, have you tried Jet2 Rome to Leeds / Bradford?   Dave

Maralyn, you mention Newcastle-Naples: according to the Newcastle Airport website you can fly from there to Naples with Airtours, Thomas Cook and Thomson. Although they are usually associated with package holidays it is often possible to book flight only with them so may be worth investigating. Good luck.

I have been making enquiries about flights from Newcastle and certainly there will be no Easyjet flight to Rome and Airtours/Thompsons/Thomas Cook are not flying to Naples either.   So it looks like it will be trip up to Edinburgh to fly to Ciampino.  The only thing is it means going Ryanair which I don't relish compared to Easyjet and a 06.50 take off which is a bit of a bummer time wise for travelling from Durham to Edinburgh. The return journey is a sensible afternoon time.   I will have to think positive and think of the lovely end result of being in my house in Italy at the end of the travel.   Thank you for your help and comments. Maralyn

We live in Yorkshire so it might be easier for us, but we use jet2 from Leeds to Rome Fiumicino, and Ryanair from East Mids to both Rome Ciampino and Pisa. Jet2 have run twice weekly through this winter with a 6 week break (new year to Feb half term). Ryanair stopped winter flight  E Mids to Pisa a couple of years ago and also stopped the Rome flights this winter - however, these must be easier from Newcastle than going to Stansted!

I have made enquiries with various tour operators and Newcastle Airport and no-one is doing flights to Rome or Naples from Newcastle other than the major airlines and they are via London, Amsterdam, Paris etc., and take forever and also land in Fiumicino.  Ideally I need to be in Ciampino to get the train to Cassino.   I contacted Easyjet and they replied that they now only fly from Bristol to Ciampino but who knows in the future.   Leeds/Bradford is not such a good journey for us with the A1M and M1 and then across to the airport.  Traffic can be a problem.    Glasgow sounds good timewise going out although that would mean the train to Cassino would arrive at gone 1 in the morning which isn't good for being picked up by a friend to take me home.  Also what time would it be coming back into Glasgow?  From Newcastle the 4.30 plane out meant that the return flight to Newcastle arrived at 11pm.  If it was the same flight arrangements, the Glasgow flight would be late in and then problems getting back to Durham.  I should have looked on the Ryanair site before prattling on above because I may be talking total nonsense!LOL   So it looks like Edinburgh to Ciampino is our most sensible option.  I have worked out our flights for the year and as my husband and I are passing ships we will drive up for the early flight, leave the car at the airport and whoever is returning a week later will pick the car up to come back to Durham.  Watching out for the million and one speed cameras en route!!!!    It is a bind but there are people with more problems than that.  We have just been lucky so far in having an airport half an hour away from us in the UK to go from and arrive/depart at easy times.   Who knows, it may happen again.  The flights were always fully booked when we went on them so I cannot understand why Easyjet have withdrawn them.  Sounds more political than economical to me.   Thank you all for your advice.  If anyone knows of cheap Durham to Edinburgh (and vice versa) train fares I would be interested in those please. Maralyn

"If anyone knows of cheap Durham to Edinburgh (and vice versa) train fares I would be interested in those please." Ticket Tips

  • Book in advance using one of the sites like 'raileasy' or 'the trainline'
  • Remember some times for travelling are cheaper than others - the ticket websites allow you to look at options
  • Check out the cost of two singles against a return - its often cheaper
  • Look at splitting the single ticket into two trips [Durham to X and X to Edinburgh] - This again is often cheaper, and is totally acceptable as long as the train stops at X

Hope this helps

.. you can get from Ncl to Rome (Fiu unfortunately) with KLM... Don't look at one-way they are astronomical, but return flights when you look into it although look dear, they are not much more than sleazyjet... You change at either CDG Amsterdam, but cases are straight through , allowance is included and 23kg and you get fed (if that's what you call it)... Time are numerous...  Note you also can get by train to LeedB, ok you need a link bus from Leeds