Marche Homes Direct

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04/08/2011 - 13:19

Hi has anybody out there had any dealings with 'March Homes Direct'? If so, what are your thoughts on them? 



Have never heard of them - perhaps I am just too cynical but having had, an admittedly very quick, look at their site, I would be reluctant to trust any company that does provide named contacts and 'proper' means of contact ie address and phone number. I am always suspicious when the only contact provided is via the website. Where are they based? Who are they? How relevantly qualified are they? etc etc, looking quickly I could not find these answers.

All his contact details are on the website. I have never used him as an agent but I have met him a couple of times so he definitely exists! He is registered with the Camera di Commercio for "COMPRAVENDITA DI IMMOBILI (DAL 21.3.2005)". Not sure what other registrations you would want from an estate agent.

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I am interested because they seem like a one stop shop which would be very helpful. Just thought the idea was good so that everything could be coordinated through one agency. I'm sure that will come at a price but am interested to know if anyone else has used them.

There is no requirement to put the Camera di Commercio details on your website but you are required by law to put your P.IVA and contact details. It may be because not every profession needs a registration. For example, I am not required to register despite being fully legal here.