Hello,Im seeking an Experienced & Fully-certified English-speaking GENERAL CONTRACTOR (

09/01/2023 - 08:56


Im seeking an Experienced & Fully-certified English-speaking GENERAL CONTRACTOR (PROJECT MANAGER) for a Tuscan home Im seeking to renovate in the Massa Carrara vicinity.

If you are this person or have knowledge of such an individual, do pass me their coordinates.

Thanks in advance.





If you don't get any recommendations, I'd suggest you need an english speaking geometra.

A simple Google will give contact details of local Geometras, and I'd phone around for an english speaker.

I also saw when I Googled that a couple of local Estate Agents state that they can recommend an experienced local english speaking geometra for renovation works on property they are offering for sale, so you could try talking to them.


Good luck

Project managers are not yet a recognised profession in Italy, so you wont find anyone certified - though they are due to receive a code in the future.  What you will find, as Alan says is a geometra (or ingegnere) who will act as project coordinator and help you find a builders, plumbers etc for your job, as well as do the relevant paperwork, health and safety and director of works.  

I am an English speaking architect, from Belfast originally, but living in north Italy for decades. English speaking contractors are pretty rare in Italy and tend to be in the bigger cities and dealing more with the Corporate Client. If you want a chat I will be more than happy to try and find a solution for you.