Calling the emergency services

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06/08/2009 - 17:51

I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but could someone just confirm whether one can successfully call 112 from a UK mobile? We're starting to rent out our house and don't have a landline, so guests would have to use their own mobiles.Thanks



 The 112 number is the emergency number throughout the EU; however, in Italy, 112 is the number to call the "Carabinieri". I have never had to call them; however, I guess they will interact with other emergency services.Here is a list of those EMERGENCY NUMBERS:112 "Carabinieri Pronto Intervento" (Emergencies, Carabinieri)113 "Polizia Soccorso Publico" (Police Emergency, dangerous situations and accidents)114  "Emergenza Infanzia" (Emergency involving children115 "Vigili del Fuoco" (Fire Brigade)1515 "Servizio Antincendi - Corpo forestale dello Stato" (Forest Fire Brigade)118 "Emergenza Sanitaria" (Health Emergency)1530 "Soccorso in Mare G. Costiera" Emergency at sea Coast Guard)1522 "Servizio Antiviolenza Donna" (Protection Service for Women subject to Violence) All these numbers are free if you are calling from a fixed line or a public telephone.Perhaps someone may have experience calling from a foreign mobile phone. I guess that it will be necessary to enter the country code.

Gala if I ever need to find out anything in Italy you'll be my first port of call via PM. You are so knowlegeable thought about writing a book ..................Italia Helpline....

I'd still be grateful if anyone knows the answer, though - obviously I can't try it out, but I don't want people actually to be in the midst of a crisis and find out at that point that you can't call emergency services from a UK mobile... 

A UK mobile will ring 112 OK -  [but I'm not sure whether you can ring the other numbers Gala quotes without the 0039 prefix - someone will know.] Note - to ring 112, 999 and 911 you do not need to unlock a mobile phone - the system is over-ridden for these emergency numbers.  .

And I have read somewhere (maybe even the old forum) that if you call 112 in any European country, there will be an English speaking operative to take your call. Just as well for in normal circumstances my Italian is weak - I bet in an emergency it would be complete gibberish.

 Thank you Gromit, but I can assure you that I am not a "living encyclopaedia". I only had to look at the front pages of my Lucca telephone book. I believe that with a foreign mobile you should dial 039 first but I have not tried it and I am noy currently in Italy.

Gala, on the subject of telephone books, we had our line finally connected last year and still have not received a phone book - do you have to ask for them or are they automatic like in the UK? If not, how and where do you get them as our Italian can't quite keep up with the speed of the TI recorded message to understand if it is through them. Many thanks. 

Sarah and Mark, as far as I know, they distribute them on a regular basis each year. My always thoughtful neighbour kept a copy for us as we were absent at the time; however, you can contact them through email: or through a "numero verde" 800 011411 or Fax 800 011412. You can also consult the service through Internet: