New Earth Tremor

06/22/2009 - 18:15

Did anyone just feel that earth tremor at 11pm. Here near Amandola it was very strong but short, the first we have felt for a while. Hope this does not mean there is worse to come.


the tremor last night was a bit of a surprise but according to all known accepted things to do with quakes not unexpected in the course of how these things go... whilst the earth surrounding the fault line that runs along the apennines settles back down after the eruption in April...  have all been told to expect these bi-monthly /monthly larger settlements .....------------------------away from abruzzo ie to the north or south that's not to say another quake couldn't occur... the major movement has happened here as we all know...  so areas outside abruzzo and its surrounding regions.... further north or south.... ie because the quake has been based around L'Aquila the north western area ... it seems that a lot of the aftershock and or smaller tremors are felt more in the Marche area...----------------------------a lot of it is to do with valleys or fault line that traverse the apennines... one being that which goes down through ascoli to the coast and out to sea... or say here the area up to Montorio...  following the old road through the valley--------------------now last nights quake did no significant damage according to the news reports ... apart from the real concerns of those living in the L'aquila province.... its obvious those people who have been through a nightmare that has  meant loss of homes and lives will make any significant tremor far worse .... and the nightmares will all start again  --------------------------------strangely enough it follows the news that an area of the old city had been made safe and re-opened ... but it just shows that for the next few months at least it will be no use expecting a return to normal in the sense of continuous minor tremors.... don't forget that the areas of Italy along the fault line... suffer or mainly do not suffer any probs from couple of hundred earth movements a day recorded all along the line from the north of Italy to the far south...---------------------------the point is .. and ok i made it before ... Italy along the fault line will always suffer from semi major quakes... effects felt to the side.. such as where we live... that providing you have a property built to the regulations here nothing to not much will happen...---------------------------------L'Aquila quake was for once rarely in modern times centred on a city area and its surrounding villages...  virtually no modern or properly restructured  private structure suffered any damage..  even in that area... because L'Aquila is very poor many of the outlying village properties had never been updated to standards... hence the collapse of almost whole villages... in L'Aquila the city virtually all damaged properties and loss of life was to do with public buildings and churches.. or properties built and never updated since seismic regulations were introduced here...--------------------------however to me its much like the Italian car driver with the Rosary,Padre Pio and whoever their favorite saint is blocking the view as they drive rapidly along with babies in arms in the front seat... or older children with faces pressed against windscreens standing upright between front seats..etc etc... and the inhabitants of a class 1 seismic region preferring or choosing to spend their money on wide screen TVs ...  Satellite and football channels subscriptions... living in a property they have not updated for the last fifty years... because they have a Padre Pio statue in the house...  and he will protect them...------------------------------------my point is that quakes in Italy are the norm....  although say for Abruzzo its been a hundred years since the last significant episode... the val di sangra area was affected by the Molise quake eight or nine years ago...   so it seems to me that if you have chosen to live or buy here that it would be pretty well a significantly highlighted point in your research of the place that Italy does have a large amount of its north south central land mass lying along a major fault line...---------------------------so earth tremors are the norm... and in the morning for most of us they provide an interesting over the bar coffee conversation ... by lunch time its old hat....and its back to local mayors and comunes or national politics-------------------------------------OK am expecting all the usual comments regarding my different views... but for once id be happy if it wasn't suggested i would go blind...  or have no sympathy for the people of L'Aquila... ------------------------finally have gone dashing... plus dotting... i tend to write as i talk and i have found even though i add gaps to give anyone reading my rubbish enough time to breath the gaps disappear when i submit the page    dashes seem to do the separation job admirably... to my mind at least

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also strange... last weekend there were two concerts arranged... one at the Olympic stadium rome with lots of the bigs of italian popular music...which didn't go so well and caused some arguments because the stadium didn't get sold out... Roma people were given a bit of a hard time over that..more successful and aimed at a more specific cause... rebuilding a school was the concert organised by Luara pausini who made it an all female concert at the san siro milan.... this sold out ... and was a great success here's a link to the story and you can see lots of the concert on various music sites its been a week full of abruzzo news once again... some good some not so good 

 I agree with Adriatica in that people who live in areas prone to earthquakes take a different, more detached look at thing. I have close family living in places notorious for the incidence of these events, such as San Francisco and Chile and they simply joke about it all. I believe that the chances of dying by being run over by a car are much higher than through an earthquake and also, I am a firm believer in fate.Practically, most of Italy is prone to earquakes, eruptions and other catastrophes and this has not stopped millions of people from living happily in those areas. I don't think it ever will. And if a town or city is destroyed, they will build it up again in the same spot. Historically, this has happened most of the time and it will keep on happening.The only thing that we can't stop is the suffering for the victims, but we can do something about it.

I was told that there was a tremor of 2.4 in Aulla, Lunigiana the other night. We were having huge thunder storms for 2 days and the house was shaking with them already so I never noticed a tremor. Anyone else?

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this is the italian earthquake monitoring site... you will notice a few hundred earthquakes in the last ninety days is clickable to give you details can also refine the search to just your area and limit the time scale.. ie go to the shortest span to see if your quake is listed...although sometimes in busy periods lesser quakes are missed from published records.... it also reports other major quakes around the world...-------------to put this all in some perspective an interviewee from the civil protection centre that runs 24 hours a day all year getting reports in from  all around Italy suggested they deal with 2-300 per day regarding quakes... they co-ordinate the dispatch of emergency services etc to all major incidents of any type here in Italy... this was in the context of the smaller quakes before the larger one at L'Aquila...  when asked why the population had not been evacuated ... their answer simply is that more than half the population of Italy would never sleep at home if they followed that policy...

 L'Aquila had another larger type settlement yesterday afternoon... apparentley 4.1 and sited a few kms from the G8 site in five days time...  according to experts this is normal but what they are saying they do not like is the new activity in the Rieti area...maybe they are just being cautious because of the problems of the L'Aquila quake and the build up of activity before and the arguing over pre warnings... anyway thats what they are saying on the news here... by the way... the G8 is going ahead...  so if the US president is turning up then presume the place must be safe.... 

Its just typical isn't it. These poor people have been living in the tents for over 3 months, putting up with new tremors every day, which must be absoultly terrifing, many too frightened to return to live in their own homes, even if they can and now a huge fuss is being made about two small tremors of around 2.2 just because a few world leaders are in town. Hopefully some good will come out of it all and the profile of the tendapoli will be raised and more money too.