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07/17/2009 - 06:45

 we received an email from this group the other day asking for help in recognisng the problem of abandoned animals here...and instituting a campaign against it"Gentile iscritto di, speriamo di farti cosa gradita avvisandoti che, quest'anno, ha deciso di dire NO ALL'ABBANDONO a modo suo, coinvolgendo tutti i suoi iscritti per la creazione di locandine che puoi stampare e distribuire, inviare via mail, condividere con i tuoi contatti Facebook. Puoi creare anche tu la tua locandina personalizzata e pubblicarla sul sito per essere divulgata. Sperando di rivederti presto tra di noi ti auguriamo una felice estate. Lo staff di"                                                                                                                                                                   anyway its a good national site with regional links,has very active forums and for thos looking for help could provide a wider audience than just an Englsih language site... it aslo lists vets,boarding kennels etc...etc...                                                                                                                      a link to the site


John ,I notice only one is listed for Marche ,and thats in Ancona, would it help if we could recommend our own vets in our own areas?If so then for us it has to be the fantastic Dott.ssa Angelita Serri at Via Faleriense 36 passo S. Ginesio MC, who has literally saved the lives of 2 of our cats (remember Misha?) she does seem to specialise in cats, and is very experienced .Tel 349 hoursmornings, Mon,Wed,Friday 10.30-11.30Pms Monday to Friday 17.30-19.30I wonder if it would be possible to stretch this to all regions and for personal recommendations from other members to be added?A

 angiegood idea... getting a list in alphebetical regional?provincial order would be the problem... not sure how wiki type things work but that micght be a suitable way...  and then having it as a fixed posting... am sure there must be a way to do all this...just me that cannot work it out...  if you have more knowledge on how the site works and a way to do this...  or anyone else for that matter then i list like that would be of benefit to all pet owners....

I've been abandoned.If anyone knows a a fit 25 year old fit male Gerbillo, preferably with a large private income, can you please mention my plight to him.   

Perhaps you can tell us where your nearest vet is whom you would recommend?, on the assumption of course that you live here? it would most helpful to those coming out here with their much loved pets. I am afraid that friends out here have had recourse to use them in an emergency situation, perhaps you can help? For those with animals it is a serious question.a

My vet (who is also mayor of the village where he lives!) is part of what I think is one of, if not the largest practices in the area....I wish my GP (or any GP in the past come to that) had the facilities they have in their Rieti surgery.  Not great English unfortunately - but they manage with what they know, a lot of gesticulating and good will - and at a pinch they have several English mother tongue clients that could be contacted by phone to help translate anything.... see their web site: All the vets in the practice are very good....friendly and cheerful too (and they volunteer in the not so nice canile municipale). They are also experienced in all the PET passport stuff for taking animals back to UK etc - and there is an authorized / recognised lab in Rieti to do the tests, certificates etc showing that the Rabies jab has been effective.  And on that subject - I saw a poster in my vet's surgery last week - there has been a recent outbreak of Rabies in Lombardy.  Nothing to panic wildly about, but those in the area should be aware at least

Hi, Sabina. Good to know you have such an excellent veterinary service. I see that no one had posted to this thread for a long time but I think a list of vets on the site, by region, would be a good idea. I'll ask Ronald about it.   Pat