Ryanair cutting flights at Stansted

07/21/2009 - 08:09

Just released on the newshttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8160923.stmBooked my flights for next March on Sunday to Parma so hope they still stand! 



Hi All, For those people using Ryanair from Dublin to Pisa, their flights(which are always full) have now been reduced From Nov 09 until end of March 10 to twice weekly - Wed. and Sunday. They kept that very quiet......There goes my trip at Christmas....

EMA to Rome  Well I have just had a look for flights from East Midlands to Rome for December for my Mum to come and visit and can not find anything past October. Do hope these have just not been loaded into the system yet (although I fear the worse) as it would be terrible for my Mum  - she only lives 25 mins from EMA and as she is over 80, it would be impossible for her to get to Stanstead. Any news on this would be appreciated. 

They are still there past October just only on Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday. There is a new destinations map on the site showing which are summer only routes.  Doubt he's put the cut routes up yet though.

Oh good! It will keep all you chip-eating, East-Ender watching, proles away from God's own country. Well done Michael!