Hot in Le Marche

07/23/2009 - 11:42

Whoa....................warming up here nicely at the mo..............................35 in the shade.............. apparently slightly hotter tomorrow and then coolin down to the high 20s........................hurrah !!Garden starting to look a little parched!



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You CANNOT eat curry in this............................have the medics on standby !..........................mind you though..........maybe......starting to like the sound of it.....................maybe tomorrow though I'll settle for cozze(picante of course !)................Enjoy it

I was led to believe that in India they used not to have fridges, and therefore the meat went off.  So, to mask the taste of the rancid meat, they developed spicy curries.Am I therefore to understand that in Le Marche it is soooooo hot that your fridges can't cope

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Gerbillo is right about the rancid meat idea but curry has we know it originated in the UK. Certainly Balti originates from the West Midlands.  India is synonamous with Curry but many so called Indian Restaurants are usually run by Bangladeshi's.I had an Indian friend who once told me he loved curry, adding "its better than the stuff we get back home "

A couple of things however make me smile;1. Pastas was first created in China and arrived in Italy much later (source - Wikipedia) so we are actually having a Chinese dish when we eat pasta;2. Lots of visitors come to Italy during the summer to enjoy fresh fish. They don't know that there's a ban on fishing during parts of August so the fish they eat is often frozen, or even imported from where the visitors maybe even came from. Following on from this theme - Sprostoni - watch out for the ones that don't react when you tap them / boil them. Similar to some of our contributors...

Don't expect any sympathy from us shower-dodgers freezing in Blighty.PS I'd keep quiet about the curry otherwise 'you know who' might start the abuse again! 

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Bring it on!!!!It's great to have some fun without really offending anyone; and I now know that Angie has probably turned on her greatest fan;As a quailfied referee and as visiting lecturer in 'Mediation of Sporting Conflict' I consider the 'Curry' issue to be an exercise in keeping up to date with work; after all it's me that gets the wedge from the University Bocconi of Milan, so keeping me on my toes is in fact a real favour.Any road up; 40 degrees and rising; pumpkins taking over the known garden and beyond, Protezione Civile warned about these long green tentacles; when will it all end?

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Really Andrew I am very disappointed to find you encouraging argy bargy on this forum.After all the poor poster was merely trying to educate you  blow-ins who were probably raised on dripping butties and spaghetti hoops.If you take heed of somebody who obviously understands food there may be a  chance for you to develop some sort of discrimination regarding what you can and cannot eat.I would also advise you not to engage in debate  with the likes of Gerbillo who is clearly out to cause dissent .

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Tush, Dublin patrizia.  Tush, I say.  Moi (ref: Miss Piggie)? Out to cause dissent?In many quarters I'm known as 'Aunty' Gerbillo on account of my peacemaking/advice giving/pouring oil on troubled waters qualities.Are you perhaps confusing me with someone else

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Now ,now,dear don't take on so.I am truly sorry that I have misjudged you.I too often refer to myself as Moi an impression of quality and refinement don'cha think? I do get a sense though( and please do not take this the wrong way) that you are just a tad envious of those who have made a better life for themselves in the sun.But my dear! Think of Moi!!! In a MUCH wetter and damper climate than you.And do I make snide remarks?No! I do not.!I make the best of it....making coffee..gazing out..dreaming of ....etc etc. Indeed I am such a little ray of sunshine that my friends come and gather around me for a bit of heat in this damp,rain sodden land .Oh god!!! there is a bit of sun just come out!! I'm off into the garden for another quick dream.Now remember dear, I will be monitoring your behaviour ,so try to be good.

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... actually a very pleasant and friendly chap who wouldn't say boo to a goose actually so I really must beg to differ madam. So I ask you, as you are defending the 'poor poster', could you be in cahoots?

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Gerbillo,I will deal with you later.Moxie...I think you are a little confused(must be all that italian sun )A)Gerbillo,pleasant and friendly or not is a chapess....or do we have some gender bending going on here?B)I am not on anyone's side .However, I do think that the PP was entitled to express an opinion If you have managed to take sometime out from picking the odd olive to follow the 'CURRY' thread I think that you will find that I made some very valuable contributions myself regarding custard.Anyhooo .......          this is my day off and,I am going to make some coffee and gaze out at my rain sodden Dublin garden and dream of sitting in the sun in Italy. 

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Oh goodness I didn't even look! It is so difficult to tell with rodents though isn't it?? I can only concur that I am indeed a little confused...If you can contribute re custard you must be valuble. Priceless in fact.I'll bet your flowers are happier than mine! Off to pick a very early olive

Moxie,I am A little alarmed at your interest in Gerbillo . I don't think that you need to look too closely....Hunting instincts and all that I once had a talking cat ,several in fact, the one with the best vocabulary could carry on a conversation about  anything under the sun or,in our case,under the drizzle

Well we have just left the thermometer in the conservatory (in the shade) and it says 66.6oC and I'm trying to do the ironing! It's not funny.  In the shade outside it is 38oC - not that we are complaining of course!

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I'm guessing that it's about the same down here. Woken at 3.30am by howling winds in Northern Abruzzo and ventured outside to put furniture away, rather than have it blown into Marche. It was hotter in the open air than it was inside at 31c!Srong winds forecast again for tonight and tomorrow morning, but a respite for a few days from these high temps to follow.I have to complain about the weather - I'm British!

HI Brian,As someone who lived in Manchester I know what you mean.However I can assure you that compared with Irlanda it is the sunshine state.Currently ,as I gaze sadly through my window,it is bucketing down AND ...AND...there is thunder and lightening,at least you can grow vegetables ,tho my tomatoes are doing ok(they need a lot of water!! 

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to a goose...does anyone fancy - when it isn't so hot - having a ride out to find some geese to say "boo" to? If however the geese are born and raised in Italy, will they understand "Boo"?

Unlike some people who have had the day off I've been at work today where, I'm certain, my employer remotely monitors my computer.So here I am ready for the fray but intend as ever to be constructive, helpful, ladylike and compassionate (Dublin patrizia please note).

Sounds like summer has arrived after the wet stuff you suffered earlier.... daughter and son out low are coming out to Le Marche in September using our raffle prize as we sadly still work and wouldn't be able to make it... any idea how weather coud be then??

Depends on when in September and where they are staying. In the mountains, late September can have some mist and occasional showers, making ti very atmospheric, but it is generally warm during the day and cooler at night (more pleasant weather really than now!). Having said that I have spent many days sunbathing at the beach in late September. Early September is still hot. A lot of the beach stuff closes around 15th September as do a lot of Italian run agriturismo's pools. It alwasy used to make me laugh that the agriturismo I rented an apartment at for 2 years, opened it's pool on 15th May and closed it on 15th September regardless of the weather.

Last September it rained almost non-stop.  Unusual granted, but it didn't make any of visitors any happier.  October was then lovely.  After the very wet spring we had this year it just goes to show you cannot predict good weather even here in Italy.  Fingers crossed for your family, Penny.

Never possible to guarantee the weather as you know butBefore moving over here six years ago we visited in May and October for many years.Always found weather warm and sunny enough to sit on the beach. Maybe some rain but that is what keeps the area green.Some bars on the beach close in September but some are open till the end of October unless theweather is really bad. The locals do tend to put on coats because it is September and not because it is cold.They are now used to us strange English people walking about in short sleeves when the temperature is onlyabout 20 - 23degrees!!Looking forward to meeting your daughter and boyfriend Penny.