Why is it that we have a use only once

07/27/2009 - 09:11

Why is it that we have a use only once password? When I am using my computer at work I can log on fine but am unable to access the community on my computer at home. We have now had to change our passwords at work and what do I find? Italy Community won't let me access the site and I have to enter a new once only password which again is totally useless when I want to access the site at home.

You can understand my frustration and It would be very helpful if someone can come up with a solution




It seems to work differently for me.  I stay logged on, and sometimes at home I have two different computers switched on with the Italy community open on both.  So far I haven't had a problem doing this. L

Lisiamc this may be due to the fact you are using the same IP address,. Web sites log your presence through your IP address (basically where your modem is) and if you are logged on in one place, logic says that you can't log on from another until you log out. This helps with security aswell.