07/31/2009 - 08:13

I have two avatars on display and I want to get rid of the first one (of me) which appears every time I make a new posting.  The second avatar (of an eye) is the one I want to keep, and this one shows on everything except new postings. I have tried to correct the problem by going into my status, clicking edit, and then removing my photo.  I have then uploaded a new photo (tried doing it with different file name and also with original file name) but the problem remains.  This has been going on for about 6 weeks or more, so there is no question of waiting for the server to refresh. I don't like having this split personality!


I've got 2 Avatars one that shows up when you make a new post, the other when you start a thread......variety spice of life and all that... 

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Don't you think you should be able to get rid of one picture if you want to?  After all what if I loaded up me in my nightie by mistake?

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I should think a lot more chaps would read your postings Emanuele

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I think I should explain that the posting from Emanuele was acutally ME, FromNowOn!  Emanuele is the other half of Mrs FromNowOn, and he left the second computer logged on in his own identity.  I did not realise, and posted my own message saying I wanted to get rid of one of the two avatars I seem to own on this site. Poor Emanuele is a serious guy, new to the site, and has not made a posting yet.  I have messed it up for him, HE DOES NOT WEAR NIGHTIES, HONESTLY!

Mrs FromNowOn - please don't fret.  These things happen.  We find our OH cross-dressing and it's very embarrassing.We all understand and it's now forgotten.  Hopefully your OH will soon find the courage to make a serious posting and you will manage to sort out the problem of your 2 (or is it 3) avatars.Please don't worry - it will all be fine.Aunty Gerbillo