Buying tyres

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08/06/2009 - 15:30

I need to buy a tyre for my car. I googled all the usual words but came up with nothing. Back in UK I would simply go to Kwikfit, or ATS etc and it would be done on the spot. I haven't actually seen anything that looks like a tyre outlet around here, but I guess there must be some. Are there national chains? Any clues anyone?I'm at Lake Como.



Yes, I did try googling for gommisti and came up with the usual directories. It seems that they are all small and local so are unlikely to have my tyre in stock. None have websites so I can't even get an idea of price.I guess I will have to order one on (probably lengthy) delivery, or go direct to a Merc dealer and pay through the nose!The only online option I found was a firm in Germany who, I think, deliver the tyre to you and you tajke it along "to a fitting centre near you" to get it put on the car.

I see you are in the Como area so  I checked the Pagine Bianche for you...  (are you near Dongo?)Here is a link to a gommista - with a web site and where you can get a quote 'on line' - just click on 'Preventivo' on the Home page thene select 'Preventivo Gomme'.  I don't know the company, but it seems to be offering the kind of service/choice that you want.  But they are just outside Como at Cavallasco - that's a bout 45km from Dongo. But it was the only gommista I found with a website in our area.(I'm near Colico)

I recently had two new tyres fitted at my local, very small Gommista. Price was as good as of if not slightly better than the equivalent in the UK. They did not charge for balancing, fitting or vavles, as that was what they include in the price of a tyre. If they did not have my size of tyre in stock it would be max 2 days before they would have it, normally next day.Try and help out local businesses it does pay dividends in the long run, as service is alot better  than large chains.

Thanks guys. I popped into a place in Como which looks the part and who said they could get me the tyre tomorrow. Only snag was they want euro 280 for one tyre, slightly less than double what I usually pay for the same tyre. I'll try Carole's link and see if I can do better (I'm at Musso, 10 mins walk to Dongo).

Not sure if it will help, however, i could carry a tyre down for you next week, i leave Birmingham on tuesday night and will be in venice on the 13th, 14th, 15th before heading down to sorrento and dont mind making a little detour!

Try: reifendirekt/Mytyres:www.gommadiretto.itThey have a much greater choice & prices are usually better than any U.K. supplier. I recommended them to my friends who live in France & they saved about a third over their usual suppliers. At the very least it is a good starting point to open negotiations  If you want you can use their U.K. site for comparison only warning is: If you use the "drop-down" tyre selector for your car then check that it gives you the correct sizes. Once it didn't for me but they sent out the correct ones as soon as I contacted them. Pip pip 

Thanks for all the input, and especially to chalkie for your generous offer of help.I have actually now ordered from an online source, in France, who will deliver to my local gommista for him to fit it. At just a few euro more than half the cost quoted by anoother local gommista. I'm all for supporting the local economy but a saving of euro133 on a single tyre is not to be sniffed at!Terry