Basic needs of man: WATER!

08/08/2009 - 14:49

Most of us in Calabria are enjoying hot weather, great beaches...; let's just say a great summer. For three days now I have come home to find that there is no WATER coming out of my taps at 6 o'clock!! I don't live in a village- I live in Reggio which has recently been given the status of : "metropolitan" city. This is not  a new problem; the comune  used to cut our water supply at 8:30ish.My landlady has an "auto clave" which gave us water but she's gone on holiday without having the decency to leave it on.In my frustration I was wondering if this problem exists anywhere else in Italy and how you cope with it.  



 its pretty normal for anywhere south of the rome pescara line... Sicily i think having some of the worst probelms...clues are massive tanks on apartment blocks... or in the case of Abruzzo where they build coastal apartments along the Chieti coast where the pressure in the summer does not allow the water to rise above the first floor apartment... even just south of us in the region served by the ACA company the water is not available constantley... as a matter of fact... not just broken pipes...water privatistaion has long been on the books here with little sucess...obviously Italians when they see what has happened with all other state comapnies here know that nothing much will change...however they have tno national strategy... hence as i say in the province of Teramo the Ruzzo supplies water pretty well consistantley, ACA just south always runs out...why dont they combine...the other point is that many drinking waters after the north south divide are in actual fact not drinking water... its tap water and not that secure to drink...many reports in Italy pertaining to your problem and also quality are shown in papers or TV pretty well every year since water in taps began...its no use complaining... however contact the comune and maybe they will deliver some to you.. as for coping.. i wouldnt or couldnt... i prefer to live north of the line...

hi,Adriatica is right....that is what you the south.where my mother in law lives in sicilia between june and september water is OFF most of the time and occasionally ON ,during which time you have to rush to shower or fill containers with water,or shower in the snmall hours of the morning.she lives only 20 k from Catania in a town of around 30.000 so not the past when i've mentioned on this forum about being ONE of the factors to consider before buying living in the south it appeared i was considered predjudiced twards the south but it's like that almost everywhere..south of mason dixon line...

One of the benefits of living in the South is that it has taught us to respect and appreciate what a valuable resource water is.  With two large cisterni we are pretty much self sufficient and it is qute a good feeling to  no longer be controlled by inefficeint water companies. 

 the stupid thing is there is plenty of water... as milky bar says its the water comapnies... you get tired of watching programs regarding leaks... projects of dams already built but never used... and huge amounts of money being given and spent and yet no better water supply... hwoever here i think we all value water... as we are all on meters... what i would say is that in a modern western european country i regard it as my right to have drinking water out of my tap...  with cisterns this is not possible i believe... 

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You can have drinking water with a cisterna - here is the type of thing you need. you I go a bit OTT with making sure the water is OK and treat the water so that it is better than UK drinking water standards (don't have the data for Italian water). So basically I have cut out the middle man - the water company