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I'm desperately trying to find out how to calculate how Enel 'scatti' translate into actual costs. I called their dismal 'customer service' and explained that I will have tenants and so need to work out their consumption with the electronic metre in my house. I asked how to make the equivalent between the amount of scatti and costs and they said 'not possible, the calculation is so complicated that only a highly qualified person could work it out'.This seems like a surreal answer - surely there must be some system to work out consumption in a given periods - otherwise how do people who, for eg, do holiday or longer lets work out how much tenants consume in the letting periods?Also, as their phone customer service people were so rude and unhelpful, are there any offices/shops where you can go to get information in person?Thanks



Opaline.It is quite difficult to calculate Enel costs, as the kw cost does sometimes vary from month to month. They now use different consumption charges averaged out on a daily basis over the year. If you know what tariff you are on then it is possible to get a very close costing based on the meter reading at start and finish of the letting period.If you let me know the tarriff code and supply kw, plus whether it is an off peak supply (bioraria) I may be able to give you some guidance based on current rates.Otherwise, here is the link to their charging basis as of August.http://www.enel.it/sportello_online/elettricita/tariffeelettriche/domest...Hope this helps 

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Dear badger, Thanks so much for your help. The link you give refers to up to 3KW consumption, we are in a big house and have up to 4.5KW (that can go up to 5KW) so presumably the calculations are different.Our tariff is D3 monoraria. Our yearly consumption calculated by Enel at the bottom of the bill is 10427KW - our bills are very erratic in that despite having the electronic meter, sometimes they give 'estimated' rather than 'real' readings so that our penultimate bill was 650 euro which was over calculated and the last bill was just 35 so it evens out to around 350 monthly.But as I say, my main concern is trying to gauge costs for specific periods when I'm not home.Thank you again

Hi Opaline.This will give you a guide as to how Enel calculate the bill. It is based on the latest pricing structure, but you would have to check at the beginning of each month for any changes.I have broken it down into daily kw allowances to try and make it easier for you to calculate everything.1) Up to 4.9 kw per day @ 0.14489 cents per kw.2) Next 3.4 kw per day   @ 0.16397 c.p.kw3) Next 4.9 kw per day   @ 0.21275 c.p.kw4) Everything over           @ 0.27424 c.p. kwThe above rates do not include the 10% IVA, or the fixed supply charge of 3.75 euros, plus the per kw supply rate of 1.18 euros per month. Probably, the easiest way to calculate is to divide the number of kw consumed by the number of days stayed and then use the above to work out the cost. http://www.enel.it/sportello_online/elettricita/tariffeelettriche/domest...  

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Thanks for your patience and trouble badger, to me the calculation is kafkian in its complexity but looking at the table you've kindly provided, when you say up to eg 4.9 kw per day, is 1 kilowat equivalent to 1 scatto on my metre? Because the only way I can see myself calculating this is by using the scatti which is the only clear entity that I can see.So, in short,  is 1 scatto= 1 Kw? - if that is comical, could you indulge me with a correction!Thanks again,O

Trust ENEL to have a system even more complex than your average mobile phone contract!I am doing battle with them at the moment over getting my tariff changed from non-resident to resident, despite sending them sheafs of proof of residency including a 15 Euro franca da bollo they are now complaining that their archive address does not appear identical to my current address and therefore more forms etc..........

Think you will find Elliven that once you go over the 3Kw supply limit that the cost is the same for resident and non-resident. Enel have got it into their heads that nobody needs more than 3kw in this modern day and age. It was much better in 2008 when you could work out exactly as to how much your bill would come in at.  

 Domestic single phase supplies in Italy both resident and non resident are up to and including 10KW - nowadays 3Kw is the minimum, then 4.5, 6 then 8 then 10. It makes no difference if you are resident or nonresident for the KW of your supply - you just pay more per KW if you are non resident.    

Just to clarify on that point Ram.Residents on up to 3KW supply pay as per tariff D2.Non residents pay on tariff D3, If they stick to the up to 3Kw then they pay more.D2 rates ResidentFixed cost 17.5057 PAPer Kw       5.134 PATo 1800 kw pa 0.09454 per kw + 0.018411801 - 2640 kw pa 0.13582 pkw + 0.026142641 - 4400 kw pa 0.191660pkw + 0.033884401+ kw pa           0.26204 + 0.03388All + 10% IVA Non residents pay the same as residents on the D3 supply, so if they have 6kw, then they pay exactly the same charges as a resident. Those rates I posted earlier here.

yes,you're right about customer service etcthey and other replies equally right about the complexity of calculation which includes NOT ONLY usage butthe following: energia fornita (supplied energy) divieded into three distinct sections ,day energy-night and weekend energy-energy losses (?) then "ulteriri corispettive e oneri aggiuntivi" ( other and additional costs) which features: componentsdisbt (?) debits forbuying/selling (?)green packet(?) then "dispacciamento" which features 7 cost lines (to do with distribution (?) then "uso della rete" ( use of the network) three more cost lines,then imposte with 2 more cost lines including (for me an additional provincial tax) and a national tax (again?) then the total then added VAT on everything including the taxes at 20%- only then the grand total so you see i think very few even in enel would be able to calculòate your real usage costsI would suggest that youget an elecrician to install an unofficial counter to the guest section of the house and make a tariff which covers your costs.