Great Foods of Italy: Taralli Pugliesi


I grandi cibi italiani: Taralli pugliesi

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One of the most common questions people ask when googling ‘taralli pugliesi’ is, how many can I eat? Yes, because taralli are one of those snacks that are hard to resist: uno tira l’altro, as we say in Italian (it’s hard to stop at one!).  

Taralli are typical of the southern region of Puglia. As for all traditional recipes, there are many versions, which vary according to the area and even to families. The most traditional version is made with flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine and fennel seeds added in the dough.

The shape is round and small, with a hole in the center, but you may also find larger ones with an oval and elongated shape, in which case they are called ‘scaldatelli.’ Taralli have a smooth surface and should be crumbly and crunchy at the same time; at the first bite, they should release the scent of oil.

Centuries ago, taralli were prepared as food for the poor, when bakers used the scraps of dough left from preparing bread for the wealthy. They mixed the dough with olive oil and a bit of white wine, then baked it. Today, taralli undergo two different cooking methods: first in water, then in the oven. It is precisely this double cooking that allows taralli to achieve the typical crispness and crunchiness that makes them so good.

Taralli make for a delicious snack and often accompany aperitif. The best match is with wine, preferably from Puglia, such as Primitivo di Manduria, Nero di Troia or Negramaro. Taralli are good with pretty much everything: at the beginning of a meal, with olives, cured meats or a platter of cheeses.

And if you are wondering how many you can eat without increasing your waist line, well, stick to 15-25 g, which translate to no more than 3 to 5 pieces (sorry). 


Una delle domande più frequenti poste dagli utenti su Google in riferimento ai taralli pugliesi è: quanti ne posso mangiare? Sì, perché i taralli sono uno di quegli snack a cui è difficile resistere: uno tira l'altro!

I taralli sono tipici della regione meridionale della Puglia. Come per tutte le ricette tradizionali, ne esistono tante versioni, che variano a seconda della zona e anche delle famiglie. La versione più tradizionale è preparata con farina, olio extravergine di oliva, v

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